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Chronological Listing of Croatia
Losses & Ejections
from 6th April 1992

Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
24th June 1992 MiG-21 bisK "101"
[previously serialled "17133" in the JRViPVO]
  shot down by air defence SA-14 MANPAD, fired by Croatian troopsover Posavina front near Prijedor  Anton Radoš - ejected - never found listed as KIA   KM-1
14th September 1993 MiG-21 bisK     shot down by shot down by Serbian air defence Strela MANPAD near Virginmost  Miroslav Peris - KIA    
21st April 1995 MiG-21 bis     Technical malfunction. Crashed during a military exercise  Zlatko Mejaški - KIA    
2nd May 1995 MiG-21 bis "119"   Shot down by  by Serbian AAA over the Bosanska Gradiska Major Rudolf Perešin (co of FS) - KIA    
14th August 1996 MiG-21     crashed during training mission, near Velika Gorica  Colonel Ivica Bosnar - KIA    


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