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List being compiled

  Chronological Listing of Australian RAAF & RAN Ejections

work in progress with many new additions and  amendments to add


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
14th June 1951
Meteor Mk 8 A77-231 77 Sqn 4 nm west of  Iwakuni,  Japan  Whilst in a steep  climbing turn to port at  15,000 ft and 280 kts  during an acceptance  test flight Pilot Sgt. A. Stoney  was inadvertently ejected. landed in  mountainous terrain  without injury   Martin-Baker
29th August 1951
Meteor Mk  8
via Col King & Ron Guthrie
Flg. Off. Ronald David "Ron"   Guthrie (022139) ejected at 38,000ft at Mach .75 released September 1953

personal testimony

Martin-Baker Mk.2E

[formerly WA954]

77 Sqn Seoul shot down by MiG-15 aircraft near
Kosson, North Korea
11th November 1951
Meteor Mk.8 Pilot F/Off. Ken J. Blight ejected at 4,000ft and 210kts. Landed in
paddy field, slight injuries on parachute deployment
Martin-Baker Mk.1
A77-  587 77 Sqn collided with another Meteor A77-959  over North Korea while  returning to base, near Kimpo, South Korea.
uncontrollable below 180kts
1st December 1951
Meteor Mk  8 A77-  251 77 Sqn Shot down by enemy  fire during dog fight  with MIGs near Sunchon,  North Korea  Flt. Lt. Vance Drummond ejected captured. Martin-Baker Mk.1
  Drummond was held at Camp 2 at Pinchon-ni, until he attempted to escape: he was caught and punished, and spent the rest of his war in captivity

Drummond was killed when his Mirage aircraft crashed into the sea near Newcastle on 17 May 1967

1st December 1951
Meteor Mk  8 A77-29 77 Sqn Shot down by enemy  fire during dog fight  with MIGs near Sunchon,  North Korea Pilot Officer Bruce Lachlan Thomson ejected
27th January 1952 RAAF Meteor F8 A77-726 77 Squadron Hit by gnd fire on strafing run  Bruce Gillan ejected, not observed on ground
27th January 1952 RAAF Meteor F8 A77-559 No. 77 Squadron Hit by ground fire on strafing run FL TLT Mark BROWNE-GAYLORD, 
A.B.H.A. (
FLTLT Mark Astil Baren Henry Aytack) ejected near Haeju
6th February 1952
Meteor Mk  8 A77-  616  77 Sqn Shot down by enemy  ground fire Sibyong-Ni  area, North  Korea on strafing run Flight Lieutenant John "Butch" Hannan  ejected, not observed on the ground  captured released RMC Big Switch Martin-Baker
27th August 1952
Meteor Mk  8 A77-  316  77 Sqn Shot down by enemy  ground fire Near  Yongmadong,  North Korea FLG OFF M. Oelof Bergh, RAF ejected, captured Martin-Baker
2nd October 1952 RAAF Meteor F8 A77-436 77 Squadron Hit by MiGs, unsuccessful bail out over water near Cho-do Flg. Off. Oliver Mattison CRUICKSHANK
Service Number: 2316889 , RAF
15th June 1953
Meteor Mk  8 A77-  982 77SQN Shot down by enemy action North Korea  Pilot, Flying Off. Donald William Pinkstone ejected M-B Mk.1
22nd June 1953
Meteor Mk 8 A77-415 77 Sqn Aircraft hit by 37mm shell while pulling out from a rocket attack on a target over North Korea. Left rudder pedal useless, electrics gone   nursed crippled machine  back to friendly lines crashed a few miles east of Seoul, South Korea and recovered by helicopter.
 photo via Charles Mac Kay
F/O J. R. Coleman (RAF) ejected at 10,000ft over friendly territory


Martin-Baker Mk.1E
31st May 1954
Meteor Mk.8 A77-  862 77 Sqn Midair collision with  Meteor A77-866 and lost tail Kanggyong,  South Korea. Pilot in A77-866 was  killed Sgt D. A.
Oswald ejected from the spinning aircraft at 15,000ft. - 12,000ft at near stall. Slight facial injuries from loss of oxygen mask on parachute deployment 
landed in paddy field  with only minor injuries.
  Martin-Baker Mk2E
Canberra A84-204 2SQN Aircraft entered  high speed dive during  limited-panel training. Pilot recovered aircraft and returned  to base  9 nm east of  Stanthorpe,  Qld FLT LT (P) J.  Stewart    
Navigator FLG OFF (N) R.  Martin, RAF ejected  below 5,000 ft and was  killed    
15th August 1957
Vampire Mk.35 A79-601 No.2 Aircraft Depot RAAF Richmond,  NSW Loss of control during  post-contractor  acceptance test flight  spinning exercise crashed near Castlereagh, New South Wales, First  Ejection in Australia Martin-Baker Mk.3B
Pilot Flg.
Off. G. M. Collins
ejected from the aircraft which was spinning out of control at 5,000ft., 100kts
minor  injuries
12th September 1957
Sabre Mk  30 A94- 917 75 Sqn
Loss of control. crashed near Stockton Bight, Newcastle, New South Wales Pilot Flt. Lt.
Grif A. Boord ejected from the spinning aircraft at 10,000ft., 300kts. Landed in water and became
entangled in the rigging line, cut lines free. He bruised his elbows on ejection
13th December 1957
Vampire  Mk 35 A79-610   Unable to recover  from spin during predelivery  test flight HDH  Bankstown,  NSW    6 nm south of  RAAF Richmond,  NSW Mr E. Shaw ejected at about  10,000 ft without  injury    
26th December 1958

also seen as 26th November 1958

Sabre Mk  32 A94- 78 Wing Engine failure.
crashed near Bruthen, Williamtown, Victoria


Flt. Lt. R. V. Osborn ejected at 600-1000ft and 180 - 200 kt. Landed in heavy timber on
sloping ground
with only minor  injuries. 
2nd February 1959

Sea Venom     in UK Sb. Lt. N.K. "Limpy" Louer (RAN) ejected sideways into soft
ground during his fighter course in UK
He was always called Limpy on his return to the RAN because of his limp, but it never prevented him from completing his short service commission as a Sea Venom pilot in the RAN (via John Crawley)
11th February 1960
Sea Venom  FAW 53 WZ-941 724SQN Crashed during  practice PFL. Ejection  seats inadvertently fired on ground  impact outside safe  ejection envelope
  Station  Nowra, NSW 
SBLT (P) F.  Hodgson - inadvertent ejection - fatal   Martin-Baker
EMAW2 M.  Holloway- inadvertent ejection - fatal   Martin-Baker
24th May 1960
Vampire 1 AFTS, near Pearce, W.A   16  24/05/60  Vampire  Mk 35,  A79-604,  1AFTS  CDT K.  Williams  Near RAAF

  Pearce, WA  Loss of control in IMC.  Pilot ejected at 6,000  ft with only minor  injuries. 
Pilot CADTC K. J. Williams Ejected approx. 6,000ft landed safely with minor injuries   Martin-Baker Mk3B
15th June 1960

D.H. Sea Venom  FAW 53 WZ-927 HMAS Albatross while RANAS
In circuit for night  landing. Hit trees on downwind leg for night landing on Rwy 26 crashed near Nowra Martin-Baker
Sub. Lt. (P) Brian A.
Dutch ejected at just a few hundred feet
Lt.(O) E. D. "Sandy" Sandberg ejected at just a few hundred feet Martin-Baker
22nd July 1960
Sabre 77 (F) Sqn   collided forty miles east of Butterworth17  22/07/60  Sabre Mk  32, A94-  961,  77SQN  FLGOFF O.  Bartrop  40 nm east of  RAAF

  Butterworth,  Malaysia  Midair collision with  Sabre A94-976. Pilot  ejected at 38,000 ft  and landed in jungle  with only minor injuries.  RAAF

F/Lt. O. R. F. Bartrop ejected through canopy at approx. 3,800ft at high speed. Pulled ripcord manually at 1,500ft and landed in secondary jungle. Minor injuries

22nd July 1960
Sabre   77 (F) Sqn   collided forty miles east of Butterworth18  22/07/60  Sabre Mk  32, A94-  976,  77SQN  FLTLT O.  Worth  40 nm east of  RAAF

  Butterworth,  Malaysia  Midair collision with  Sabre A94-961. Pilot  ejected at 38,000 ft  and landed in jungle  without injury.  RAAF

F/Lt. O. Worth ejected through canopy with aircraft in inverted spin at 38,000ft. and landed in
secondary jungle. No injuries

Vampire  Mk 35 A79-817 76SQN Near RAAF Williamtown,  NSW  Engine explosion PLTOFF K.  Smith  ejected at 1,500 ft  over water without  injury   Martin-Baker
11th September 1962

Sabre Mk  32 A94-  958 3SQN RAAF
  Malaysia  Fatal. Multiple  birdstrikes shortly  after formation takeoff.  Pilot ejected at  low-level outside safe  ejection seat envelope.  Midair collision with  Sea Venom WZ-893  during formation  
Flt. Lt. T. R. Offord    
24th September 1964
Sabre Mk  32 A94-  984 79SQN  28 nm west of  Ubon,  Thailand  FOD-induced engine  failure. Flt. Lt. I.  McFarlane ejected at  700 ft and 135 kts with  only minor injuries.    NAA
2nd October 1962

Sea Venom  FAW 53 WZ-940 805SQN
HMAS Albatross
Midair collision with
Sea Venom WZ 893 during air display over
 Sydney Harbour. Aircraft also crashed into harbour 350 m NE Fort Denison (a harbour landmark near the present Opera House/ Harbour Bridge & east of both these points

Pilot WZ- 893 (pilot LEUT B.  Roberts) recovered  safely to base at RANAS  Nowra, NSW.  RAAF  with Cat 2/3

LEUT "Albie" Riley ejected at low level (approximately 500 ft), landing in water and
suffering slight back injuries.
11th March 1963
Sabre Mk  32 A94-931 ACT. RAAF W'town Lost engine power approx. 35
miles NE of
RAAF Fairbairn, 
35 nm  northeast of   Canberra, ACT
Gp. Cpt.
A. E. Mather
ejected 2,000ft and 200-250 kts Landed in a clear area, dragged 100 yds. in wind. Minor
9th October 1963
SabreMk  32 A94-  967 3 Sqn crashed 12 miles NE of RAAF Butterworth  Malaysia  Loss of control at  35,000 ft during 4 x 4  ACM. Pilot Wg. Cmr R.M. Hanstein ejected at
10,000ft and 170 kts. with aircraft spinning. He landed in rubber tree sustaining minor injuries to
the elbows.
  NAA ejection seat, Parachute packed by L.A.C. R. Hetherington.
12th November 1963
Sabre   2(F) OCU RAAF W'town  Crashed Mayfield NSW 23  12/11/63  Sabre Mk  32, A94-  929, 2OCU  PLTOFF R.  Slater  Mayfield  (Newcastle),  NSW  Loss of control. Pilot  ejected at 12,000 ft  with only minor injuries.  RAAF Plt. Off. R.A. Slater ejected,
with aircraft spinning out of control at 12,000ft. Landed on suburban road. Minor Abrasions.
  NAA ejection seat, and free style parachute
 packed by L.A.C. Barnes
19th December 1963
Sabre 3 Sqn   control system
failure. Crashed near Butterworth 
24  19/12/63  Sabre Mk  32, A94-  947,  3SQN  FLGOFF M.  Norseworthy  18 nm  northwest of  RAAF

  Butterworth,  Malaysia  Multiple control and  system failures. Pilot  ejected at 10,000 ft  and 250 kts over water  with only minor injuries.  RAAF
Flg. Off. M.L. Nosworthy ejected at 10,000ft, 200-250 kts   NAA ejection seat with American free type Back chute
7th December 1964

Mirage  III-O A3-  1 ARDU 2 nm  northeast of  Avalon, Vic  Loss of control during  test flight. SQN LDR I.  Svensson, RAF  ejected at high speed  (700 ? 750 kts) at  7,000 ft, suffering  serious injuries. 

[personal testimony]

7th December 1965
Vampire  Mk 35 A79-643 1 AFTS northeast of  RAAF Pearce,  WA  Flg. Off.  A. J. Perry ejected at 500 ft  and 130 kts with only  minor injuries.   Martin-Baker
28th April 1966
Sea Venom  FAW 53 WZ-900 816SQN (B  Flt)  ,  HMAS  MELBOURNE Phillipine Sea  Fatal. Arrestor wire  parted during carrier landing, aircraft  crashed into sea

(This  is often given as a "night time mishap" when in fact it occurred at  at about 1500 hours (afternoon).

LEUT (P) J.  Da Costa ejected at near sealevel  and rescued with  minor injuries Martin-Baker
LEUT  (O) E. Kennell  did not eject  and was lost at sea    
29th July 1966
Mirage  III-O A3-28 76SQN 5 nm south of  RAAF
Fairbairn,  ACT  Engine  failure/undercarriage  malfunction.
SQN LDR Doug  Johnston ejected at 2,000 ft and  260 kts with only minor  injuries.    Martin-Baker
3rd April 1967
Mirage III-O A3-  46 76 Sqn 4 nm  northeast of  Darwin, NT  Engine failure during  post-engine change air  test. Flg. Off. J. L. Ellis ejected ejected at  1,500 ft and 245 kts  with only minor injuries.    Martin-Baker
crashed five miles north east of Darwin, N.T. following  due
to circlip missing from gearbox drive shaft at pre-service. Pilot Flg. Off. J.L. Ellis ejected at
800-1,500ft., 245kts. Landed in the sea and picked uo by helicopter. No injuries.
[Martin-Baker OM4. Parachute horseshoe type packed by Sgt. R.L. Daunt]
Friday 1st September 1967
Mirage  III   Williamstown Air Base Crashed during aerobatic manouevres Flg. Off. Antanas Karpis
25th September 1967
Mirage  III-O A3-  52 3 Sqn crashed near Gloucester 48 nm  northwest of  RAAF  Williamtown,  NSW  Engine failure/fire  warning during night  navex. Flg. Off.
Marty R. Susans ejected at 20,000ft, at night. Chute opened at 10,000ft. Landed heavily with minor
Photo requested Martin-Baker OM4


I am grateful to Thomas Potter who wrote to correct the information concerning this mishap

That (on left) photo is not  'Marty' Susans but of his father, some years earlier.
If anyone can provide a phot of Flg Off Susans please contact me

13th February 1968
Vampire  Mk 35 A79-667 1 AFTS Pearce 35 nm  southwest of  RAAF
  WA  Loss of control during  compressibility flight. 
Pilot Cadtac
P. Jabornicky ejected at 11,000ft with aircraft rolling out of control
and  400 kts, and landed in the sea. Suffered
superficial injuries
  Martin-Baker Mk.3B
7th March 1968
MB 326H  Macchi A7-003 CFS
RAAF East Sale
Aileron control jammed  during aerobatics. Crashed 14 nm  southwest of  RAAF East  Sale, Vic  . Flt. Lt. W.R. Rayner
ejected at 10,000ft. Landed in heavy 25kt. wind into fence
and received minor injuries.
  Martin-Baker O4A
23rd September 1968 USAF F‑111 A 66‑0040
474th TFW, Nellis AFB, NV, USA on approach 2 crew ejected safely (pilot was RAAF)   Capsule
30th October 1968
Mirage  III-O A3-70 3SQN 12 nm north-north-east  of  RAAF
Williamtown,  NSW  Richochet ingested by  engine during airground  gunnery at  Saltash AWR
FLTLT B.  Roberts ejected at 2,800 ft and  210 kts with only minor  injuries.   Martin-Baker
31st January 1969
RAAF Pearce
Went out of control in inverted spin. Landed in sandy loam in open scrub Flt. Lt. W.S. McAlister ejected at 5,000ft, low speed. Injured during ejection, compression fracture of spine, broken facial bones and eye damage.   Martin-Baker O4A
31st January 1969
 MB-326 Macchi A7-008 2FTS aircraft went out
of control during aerobatics
14 nm west of  RAAF Pearce,  WA  Loss of control in  inverted spin.
Pilot Cdtac R.G. Heideman ejected at 8,000ft. Bruised biceps and buttocks on ejection, scratches to face. Landed
descended through a tree.
  Martin-Baker O4a
FLTLT W.  McAlister ejected at between  5,000 and 8,000 ft at  low airspeed suffered  moderately severe  injuries   Martin-Baker
29th April 1969
Vampire  Mk 35 A79-641 2FTS Pearce, Western Australia Overheat and fire  warning light  illuminated during night  solo training sortie. Crashed 7 miles north east of RAAF Pearce WA   Cdtac I. E. Watson ejected at night at 20,000ft and at low speed following fire warning. Parachute
descent through cloud, landed heavily in wooded area, bruised left hand.
  Martin-Baker Mk.3B
22nd July 1969
MB-326 Macchi A7-007 East Sale CFS East  Sale, Vic  Fatal. In-flight fire and  control failure in circuit  area. Captain ejected at  100-200 ft and 140 kts  with only minor injuries.  Flt. Lt. B.C. Newman ejected 100-120ft and 120-140kt. He landed in soft mud at airfield boundary
almost immediately after parachute developed. Minor injuries during ejection.
  Martin-Baker O4A
Flg. Off.
Holsken attempted ejection beyond the performance of the seat envelope. The sequence initiated
but there was insufficient time to operate before aircraft impact with the ground
and  was killed.
  Martin-Baker O4A
1st October 1969
MB-326 Macchi A7-055 2FTS Pearce, Western Australia


Fire warning. Landed in
wooded area  
50 nm north  of RAAF Pearce, WA  Fire/overheat warning.  Crew ejected at 2,500  ft and 130 kts with  minor injuries sustained  by captain.
Flt. Lt. Jeff A. Pedrina (captain) ejected at 2,500ft., 135kt.   Martin-Baker
F. Off Herbert J. Badower  (student) ejected at 2,500ft., 135kt.   Martin-Baker
19th November 1970
MB 326H  Macchi A7-037 2FTS Altimeter misread after night  take-off. 3 nm south of  RAAF Pearce,  WA CDT R. Ellis ejected  outside survival  envelope of ejection  seat   Martin-Baker
14th March 1971
Canberra  Mk 20 A84-228 2SQN Near Quang  Tri, Vietnam  Aircraft hit by two  surface-air missiles.   Martin-Baker
WG CDR (P) F.  Downing ejected at 14,000  ft and 290 kts,  suffering various  moderate to serious  injuries. FLTLT (N) A.  Pinches ejected at 14,000  ft and 290 kts,  suffering various  moderate to serious  injuries. Martin-Baker Mk.1C. Parachute seat pack Mk.14Martin-Baker
RAAF Canberra Mk.20 A84-228 of 2 Sqn. from Phan Rang. Crashed 31 miles from Quang Tri, Souht Vietnam. The aircraft was hit by two SAMs. Pilot W. Cdr. F.J.L. Downing used face blind to eject aircraft straight and level at 14,000ft. at est. 250kt. After separation from the seat stabilised in free fall until parachute automatically opened. Crashed through tree and landed on his knees on steep slope. No ejection injuries but badly bruised left knee, broken right kneecap, minor injuries to right elbow. Navigator Flt. Lt. Pinches ejected at 14,000ft. at 290kt.. Crashed through tree, suspended few feet from the ground in harness. Fractured 4 spinal vertebrae on ejecting, probably being caused by being bunched up on ejection when seat fired after second pull of the face blind. Fractured his left wrist and badly bruised his right hand in the tree. Both were rescued by helicopter 28 hrs. later.
15th March 1971
Sabre Mk  32 A94-  966 5 OTU  Control lost during  approach configuration  stall on pre-D Servicing  test flight. Pilot 41 nm  northeast of  RAAF
Wiliamtown,  NSW   
Plt. Off.  O.  Elsbury ejected at 4,000 ft and  130 kts with only minor  injuries.    
28th April 1971
MB 326H  Macchi N14-078 VC724  Squadron Control lost during  inverted spin over sea, Near Sussex  Inlet, NSW Martin-Baker
LEUT (P) E.  Kavanagh  ejected with only  minor injuries LEUT (P) P.  Clark ejected with only  minor injuries Martin-Baker
27th April 1972

Mirage  III-OA A3-74 77SQN 12 nm east of  Darwin, NT  Engine failure following  birdstrike shortly after  take-off. FLTLT R. Perry ejected  at 900 ft and 220 kts  with only minor injuries.    Martin-Baker
6th July 1972
Mirage  III-OA A3-98 3SQN 30 nm  northwest of  Tengah,  Singapore  In-flight fire. Flg. Off. J. W. Kindler  ejected at 5,500 ft and  350 kts with only minor  injuries.    Martin-Baker
7th December 1972
MB 326H  Macchi N14-073 VC724  Squadron    RAN Air  Station  Nowra, NSW Engine flameout on  base/final for Rwy 26. LEUT M.  Smythe ejected at 200 ft  and 105 kts, suffering a  broken ankle Martin-Baker
3rd August 1972
Mirage  III-OA A3-4 ARDU 3 nm north of  Avalon, Vic  Engine failure during  test flight. FLTLT R.  Richardson ejected at 800 ft and  250 kts with only minor  injuries.    Martin-Baker
5th June 1973
Skyhawk A4G N13-  155060 VF805  Squadron 20 nm east of  RAAF
Williamtown,  NSW  Turbine shroud failure.
SBLT T. Der  Kinderen ejected over  water, rescued by RAAF
1st April 1974
Mirage III-OF A3-18 75SQN 2.5 nm north  of RAAF Butterworth,  Malaysia  Engine failure during  return to base from  Song Song Range.   Flt. Lt. L. Bell D. Boyd ejected at 180 ft and  160 kts with only minor  injuries.    Martin-Baker
29th October 1975
MB 326H Macchi A7-065   2 OCU Crashed near Salt Ash AWR,  NSW  Aircraft struck trees  during dive recovery on  range Flg. Off. L. G. Clayton (pax)  ejected at  70-90 ft and 180-200  kts with only minor  injuries.   Martin-Baker AUO4B
Flt. Lt. (P)  Brian J.
ejected at  70-90 ft and 180-200  kts with only minor  injuries.
  Martin-Baker AUO4B
16th March 1976
Mirage A3-14 77 Sqn Crashed near Williamtown RAAF Base due to stalled compressor46  16/03/76  Mirage  III-OF,  A3-14,  77SQN   RAAF

  Williamtown,  NSW  Compressor stall during  low-level four-ship  formation practice for  air display. Pilot  ejected at 400 ft and  230 kts with only minor  injuries.  RAAF
Flt. Lt. Geoff Kubank ejected safely   Martin-Baker
8th June 1976
Mirage  III-OA A3-67 75 Sqn Pilot heard a thump and engine failed at 400-500ft. FOD-induced engine  failure. Crashed while landing at RAAF Base, Butterworth Malaysia Pilot F. Off.
Malcolm Hurman  ejected
ejected at  400 ft and 185 kts with  only minor injuries and
landed safely.
10th August 1976
Mirage  IIID A3-114 2 OCU Crashed near1 nm north of   Williamtown RAAF Base -Undercarriage  malfunction; port  undercarriage collapsed  on touchdown. Aircraft  subsequently climbed Martin-Baker
Trainee pilot Geoff Shepherd  ejected  at 1,000 ft and 240 kts  with only minor injuries Flt. Lt. Bruce
ejected  at 1,000 ft and 240 kts  with only minor injuries
28th April 1977
GD F-111C A8-136 6SQN Clarkson   Crew  ejected in escape  module with only minor  injuries.  RAAF 5 nm south of  Guyra, NSW  Fuel tank explosion/loss  of control.crashed near Armidale Pilot Capt. William Baker (USAF)  ejected in escape  module with only minor  injuries   FIRST RAAF F-111 LOSS
Flt. Lt.  (N) David Clarkson (RAAF]  ejected in escape  module with only minor  injuries
29th September 1977

GD F-111C A8-133 6SQN Evans Head  AWR, NSW. Catastrophic  (windshield) birdstrike  at low level during  bombing pass. Crew  module separation  activated at  approximately 520 kts  whilst aircraft  descending and outside  survival envelope.  RAAF SQNLDR (P) J.  Holt - Fatal.    
 FLTLT (P)  A. Noordink - Fatal.    
5th December 1977

                                                                                                         photo www.adf-serials.com
Mirage IIIO (A) A3-94
Mirage IIIO(A) A3-94 3 Sqn
Butterworth, Malaysia
Crashed 2 nm  northwest of RAAF Base, Butterworth, Malaysia following engine failure during  night GCA.   Aircraft crashed into  sea.  RAAF Pilot F. Off. B.P. Crowhurst ejected  at 1,500 ft and 150 kts  with only minor injuries.
25th October 1978
GD F-111C A8-141 6SQN Hauraki Gulf  (near  Auckland, NZ  Engine/airframe fire,  explosion WGCDR (P) Dave Rogers, ejected  in escape module at  2,700 ft and 226 kts  with only minor injuries.   
FLTLT  (N) P. Growder ejected  in escape module at  2,700 ft and 226 kts  with only minor injuries.    
23rd January 1979 
Skyhawk  A-4G N13-155051 VF805  Squadron 12 nm  southeast of  Braidwood,  NSW  LP turbine  failure/engine fire ,    SBLT C.  Tomlinson  .  Pilot ejected, rescued  by RAAF

23rd May 1979
Skyhawk  A-4G N13-154909 VF805

at sea, 45 nm
  east of Jervis  Bay. Arrestor wire parted  during land-on. Pilot  ejected at low level  without injury. 
19th July 1979
MB 326H  Macchi A7-091 2FTS  Control lost during  aerobatics practice. Crashed  east  northeast Pearce RAAF Base WA  Trainee pilot Robert Allan ejected from  inverted spinning  aircraft below 5,000 ft  with only minor injuries   Martin-Baker AUO4B
7th August 1979
Mirage  III-OA A3-47 2 OCU Undercarriage  malfunction. 8 nm north  northeast of  RAAF
Williamtown,  NSW
Flt. Lt. G. Lee  ejected at 5,000 ft and  200 kts with only minor  injuries. Martin-Baker
24th August 1979
GD F-111C A8-137 1SQN Ohakea, NZ   Water ingestion into  engines during take-off.  Crew ejected in escape  module on Rwy 27 at 90  kts with only minor  injuries.  Martin-Baker AUO4B
FLT LT  (N) A. Curr  RNZAF  FLG OFF (P) M.  Kelly Martin-Baker AUO4B
15th February 1980
MB 326H  Macchi A7-051
2FTS Canopy unlocked in  fight .crashed 20 miles north east of Pearce RAAF Base, Western
56  15/02/80  ,  .  RAAF ,      30 nm north  northeast of  RAAF
Flt. Lt. G. A. Cashmere ejected at  9,000 ft and 190 kts  with minor injuries      Martin-Baker AUO4B
Cadet P. J. Craven ejected at  9,000 ft and 190 kts  with serious injuries 
18th February 1980
Mirage  III-OA  A3-75 77 Sqn crashed near Sale RAAF Base following flame out after bomb
57  18/02/80  Mirage,  A3-75,  77SQN  FLTLT J. Carr  Dowds  Morass, 5 nm  south  southeast of  RAAF

  Sale, Vic  Total loss of thrust  following bombing pass  on Dutson Range  (possible fragmentation  ingestion by engine)
Flt. Lt. J. Carr ejected at 3,500  ft and 230 kts with only  minor injuries.  Martin-Baker
28th April 1980
TA-4G N13-  154647   Crashed nm south  of RAN Air  Station  Nowra, NSW  Engine failure downwind  in circuit for Rwy 26.  LEUT A.  Sinclair ejected without  injury ESCAPAC 1C 3
3rd May 1980
Mirage A3-58 77 Sqn near Tanilba Bay, Port Stephens near RAAF Williamtown58  2/05/80  Mirage  III-OA,  A3-58,  77SQN    Tanilba Bay  beach, 9 nm  northeast of  RAAF

  Williamtown,  NSW  Undercarriage  malfunction. Pilot  ejected at 3,500 ft and  240 kts without injury.  Aircraft crashed on  shore line near houses.
 Plt Off  G. Butterworth ejected  Martin-Baker
2nd October 1980
Skyhawk  A-4G N13-155062 VF805  Squadron
Andaman Sea,  35 nm north  of Sumatra,  Indonesia  Engine failure  immediately following  catapult launch. LCDR C.  Blennerhassett  ejected at low level  with only minor injuries.  ESCAPAC 1C 3
21st October 1980
Skyhawk  A-4G N13-  154906 VF805  Squadron
Indian Ocean,  100 nm  southwest of  Columbo, Sri  Lanka  Premature (low speed)  catapult launch. SBLT Dave  Baddams  ejected at low level  with only minor injuries ESCAPAC 1C 3
8th September 1981
MirageIII-OA A3-80 77 Sqn Undercarriage failure. Crashed near Salt Ash,  7 nm  northeast of  RAAF Williamtown,  NSW  Flg. Off.
Nick Alexander ejected
with only minor  injuries
15th November 1981
Mirage        ejected   Martin-Baker
 30th March 1983
Mirage  III-OA A3-69 75 Sqn Midair collision with  RSAF Skyhawk A-4S  No 636 whilst on finals  for Rwy 36. and crashed  1 nm south of  Tengah  Airfield,  Singapore Mirage.

Skyhawk  pilot (LTA Foo Siew  Ngan) also ejected  successfully. One  civilian on ground killed.  70 nm  Engine failure during  fleet support mission.

 Flt. Lt. John O'Halloran ejected safely ejected at 400 ft  and 190 kts with only  minor injuries.   Martin-Baker

Ejection Seat Training Rig
in position at Aviation Medicine Section,
RAAF Williams (Pt. Cook Base - Victoria - Australia)

 June 1983

2nd August 1983
Mirage  III-OA A3-82 77 Sqn Engine failure, crashed into the sea at Jervis Bay  southeast of  RAN Air  Station  Nowra, NSW Sqn. Ldr. J. Kindler ejected Pilot ejected at 1,000  ft and 200 kts over  water with only minor  injuries; rescued by  RAN Sea King  helicopter.     

Pilot Sqn. Ldr. John Kindler ejected safely and was picked up by helicopter 1 hour later. This was Sqn. Ldr. Kindler's second ejection [see 6-7-1972].

15th   December 1983
Macchi     crashed near Lake Wellington in Sale, Victoria when it collided with "Roulette"
team member
Flt. Lt. Graeme Brooks ejected OK but died later in hospital   Martin-Baker
6th March 1984
Mirage     crashed in Malaya Flt. Lt. McCormack ejected   Martin-Baker
26th April 1984
Mirage  III-D A3-  105 2OCU 7 nm east of  Darwin, NT  Undercarriage  malfunction at night. FLTLT J.  Barden  (captain) ejected at 3,000  ft and 200 kts with only  minor injuries   Martin-Baker
SBLT  J. Conlan RAN,  (student) ejected at 3,000  ft and 200 kts with only  minor injuries   Martin-Baker
3rd May 1984
Mirage  III-OA  A3-76 ARDU 17 nm  northwest of  RAAF

  Edinburgh, SA  Undercarriage  malfunction. PilotRAAF
FLTLT T.  McCormick  ejected at 3,000 ft and  300 kts with only minor  injuries.    Martin-Baker
27th May 1985
Mirage  III-OF A3-36 75SQN  1.5 nm west of  Darwin, NT  Compressor stall/loss  of thrust in circuit. Flg. Off. A.  Quaife ejected at 1,000  ft and 200 kts with only  minor injuries.   Martin-Baker
19th August 1985
Macchi MB326 trainer A7-085 77 Sqn Engine fire during  strafing run. Crashed at Salt Ash air weapons range, Williamtown NSW Pilot Officer Chase Callcott ejected at 2,500ft, 200kt. 50o nose up. Suffered slight injuries due to through the canopy ejection   Martin-Baker

I ejected from the RAAF Macchi A7-085 over Saltash Air Weapons Range during a 10 degree strafe pass.  The aircraft had suffered a fuel leak from the
Barometric Fuel Control Unit (BFCU) which with the aerodynamic airflow around the aircraft resulted in a pooling of fuel into the tailpipe section
of the engine.  It didn't take long before the entire rear of the aircraft exploded into fire and gave me the indication through the FIRE and OVERHEAT
lights. I pulled up out of the dive, attempted to turn to the left which was towards the RAAF Base and had my left foot go to the floor as the rudder had
burnt through.  I declared the Mayday and ejected.  At the time I was a

Pilot Officer (PLTOFF) undergoing Introductory Fighter Course (IFC).  I suffered bruising to my left elbow and the bridge of my nose was cut by the
visor hitting it through the ejection.  I landed in a swampy area up against a tree, was declared fit to fly again later that day and returned to the air
two days later (too sore to fly the very day after!).  I was 21 at the time.

Chase Callcott
in email 15th July 2005

12th November 1986
CAC CA-30 MB326H  Macchi A7-082 2FTS Engine flameout. crashed into Moore River 15 nm  northwest of  Gin Gin  Airfield (28  nm north  northwest of  RAAF  Pearce,  WA  Flg. Off. Tim R. Ellis  ejected at 2,000 ft and  140 kts with only minor  injuries

"He was killed as co-pilot of the 707 that went in off Seaspray 29Oct91."

16th March 1987
Mirage  III-OA A3-95 77 Sqn Engine flameout  during
crashed 40 nm off coast of NSW 20 nm east of  RAAF
Williamtown,  NSW 
Flt. Lt. Peter J. Batten ejected at 2,000ft. 230kt.  using seat pan handle rescued by fishing boat minor injuries
Martin-Baker OM6
3rd April 1987
Mirage       pilot ejected    
3rd August 1987
MB-326H  Macchi A7-079 CFS 

crashed near Barrington  Tops (near  Gloucester),  55 nm  northwest of  RAAF  Williamtown,  NSW  Thrust loss,  due to failed BFCU seal  caused
engine to fail
engine icing suspected. Wreckage  located by bushwalkers  28 Apr 95.  RAAF
Flt. Lt. Dennis "Rhino"  Hume  ejected at 6,500 ft and  130 kts with only minor  injuries

 spent 3 hours trapped in a tree until rescue. Also suffered back
injuries and hypothermia.

  Martin-Baker AUO4B
Flt. Lt. B. Heslin  ejected through canopy at 4,000ft. 200kt. in high wind.
Suffered back injuries, slight hypothermia due to delay in rescue because of snow showers in the
area. Picked up after 3 hours.
  Martin-Baker AUO4B
10th March 1988
 MB-326H Macchi A7-046


Roulettes aerobatic team (RAAF/CFS) Collided in mid-air 2 nm  northeast of  RAAF East  Sale, Vic during aerobatic practice with another MB.326H (A7-054) over RAAF  East
Sale, Victoria.

A7-054 landed at , East  Sale with undercarriage  retracted.  RAAF

Flt. Lt. R.Crispin
[ex-Army pilot]
ejected  at 4,000 ft and 200 kts  with only minor injuries

Hi Mike,


Great source for RAAF research.  Lost a couple of good friends in those entries, Hans Holsken and Phill Noordink both ex-Herc drivers I knew well at RAAF Richmond where I was an Air Trafficer.  I ended up my PAF career as a staff officer of what was then DAFS (Directorate of Air Force Safety) 1986-90.

One entry needs a little attention though:

This incident occurred at RAAF East Sale, not RAAF Laverton.  Laverton is nowhere near East Sale - it is about 200km west of Sale.  FLTLT Crispin was an ex-Army pilot.

Geoff Kingman-Sugars
in email 14th May 2008
entry amended 15th May 2008


MB 326H  Macchi A7-018 2FTS

Engine failure shortly  after take-off Crashed 2 nm south of  RAAF Pearce,  WA 

Sqn. Ldr.  Frank L. Atkins  (captain) ejected at 700 ft and  120 kts with only minor  injuries.     
Plt. Off. Andrew
  (student) ejected at 700 ft and  120 kts with only minor  injuries Suffered slight compression fracture of the spine.

some sources give 300ft. level flight at 200kt. 

11th April 1988

Lightning  XR769 11 Squadron crashed in the North Sea five miles east of Easington,
Humberside, following an engine fire
RAAF exchange Pilot ejected safely   Martin-Baker
3rd August 1989 
MB-326H  Macchi A7-021 CFS RAAF East  Sale, Vic  Engine/fuselage fire  shortly after take-off.

FLGOFF S.  Jackson, ejected at 1,000  ft and 100 kts with only  minor injuries. 

FLGOFF P.  Szypula ejected at 1,000  ft and 100 kts with only  minor injuries.    Martin-Baker
16th October 1990 RAN MB 326H  Macchi A7-045 2FTS 22 nm north  of RAAF Pearce, WA  Loss of control during  aerobatics practice.   55 nm  Fatal. Catastrophic  fatigue failure of left  wing during ACM 

LEUT D. Roe ejected below  5,000 ft at moderately  high speed with only  minor injuries

15th November 1990
MB-326 Macchi  

   ? ejected   Martin-Baker

Martin Baker Mk 10 Ejection Seat
As fitted to the F-18 Hornet in service with the RAAF here removed for maintenance

19th November 1990
MB-326H  Macchi A7-076 76SQN northeast of  RAAF Williamtown,  NSW  practice. FL TLT R. Page ejected  but struck aircraft  during separation.  Parachute failed to  deploy fully and pilot  impacted water at high  speed.   Martin-Baker
"CAC CA-30 Macchi MB-326H (76SQN) A7-076 (ex N14-076 NAVY Macchi) 19 Nov 1990 One death (FLTLT R. Page). Catastrophic fatigue failure of left wing during ACM practice. Pilot ejected but struck aircraft during separation. Parachute did not deploy and pilot impacted water at high speed. 55 nm NE
Williamtown, NSW"
21st March 1992
Pilatus PC-9/A  A23-055 2 FTS  Two RNZAF
exchange aircrew ejected at low level after engine failure. Crashed near Albany, Western Australia
G.Capt. F. Sharp (RNZAF), ejected - injured.   Martin-Baker
Flt. Lt. R. J. Thacker (RNZAF), ejected - injured.   Martin-Baker
24th October 1994
CAC CA-30 MB-326H Macchi A7-038 76SQN collided  with A7-08,
loss of control.
during practice dogfight and crashed in
scrubland near Newcastle, 100 miles north of Sydney
  38 nm
NNE Williamtown, NSW
Pilot Flying Officer M. Connolly ejected OK with only minor injuries.   Martin-Baker
24th October 1994
CAC CA-30 MB-326H Macchi A7-088   collided  with A7-038,
loss of control.
during practice dogfight and crashed in
scrubland near Newcastle, 100 miles north of Sydney
  38 nm
NNE Williamtown, NSW.
Flg. Off. L. J.Pulford ejected, slightly injured.   Martin-Baker
Friday, 21st January 2005


PC-9/A Roulette Five RAAF Roulettes display team


collided near the East Sale RAAF  with another Pilatus PC/9-A piloted by Flight-Lieutenant Mark Ellis Flight Lieutenant Roland “Arnie” Morscheck ejected at only 300 ft   Martin-Baker AU11A


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John Crawley (retd.) RAN Commander for permission to quote from his definitive list of RAAF Ejections
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