Bail Out

 United States Air Corps Reserve Johnson Flying Field, Dayton, Ohio

German L.V.C.


13th June 1924

Lieutenant Walter Lees



                                                                                   photo via Ralph Cooper
After Walter's First Parachute Jump, 1924

Years ago I was a test pilot for a Flying company in Dayton, Ohio.
For testing a German L.V.G. plane, I borrowed and wore a parachute (for the first time) from the Army base.

Soon after I was airborne I had to use a lot of right rudder and right aileron to hold up the left wing. At 200 feet, by leveling off, using full power and full right rudder and aileron I made a right hand circle and lined the field up for a landing. But when I throttled the left wing dropped again so had to open the throttle and make a left hand circle.
Knowing I couldn't land I decided to jump. Being very low; 200 feet; I stood up on the seat, pulled the rip cord, the chute opened and in a few seconds I was on the ground, unhurt, scared stiff, but very thankful for that parachute. The plane hit just 93 feet from where I hit, completely demolished.



                                                            photo via Ralph Cooper

Lt. Walter Lees
1887 - 1957

U. S. Air Corps Reserve

Friday 13th June 1924


I would like to extend my appreciation to Jo Lees Cooper and Ralph Cooper (his daughter and son in Law) for permitting me to include details from his website dedicated to Walter Lees
Further Biographical details and photographs can be viewed by visiting Walter Lees website by the clicking on the flag