Wednesday 28th September 1910
Humber Monoplane   Folkestone International Air Meeting Control Problems when flying in high wind. Leapt from aircraft at 30 feet and badly injured Mr. George A. Barnes

Mr. George A. Barnes





Wednesday 28th September 1910

Folkestone Meeting.

'ALTHOUGH, as we recorded in our last issue, the first two days of the meeting at Folkestone produced some good flying, the proceedings on Wednesday of last week were marred by the serious accident to Barnes. A strong northerly wind had been blowing all the morning, and it was not till half-past four that there was any possibility of demonstrations. Then Barnes, having got the engine of his Humber monoplane to run properly, determined to take his chance. He rose to a height of about 80 ft., and flew against the wind for half a mile, then turning. It was then apparent that the engine was not running well, as the flying was unsteady, but Barnes managed to clear some trees and a hedge, and after coming very close to the earth, the machine suddenly rose for some distance.

Then something happened, and the spectators were amazed to see Barnes leave his seat and leap to the ground from a height of some 30 ft. Relieved of the weight of the pilot the machine shot upward for a few feet, then turning over and crashing to the ground. The doctors and ambulance men who hurried to the spot where Barnes had fallen found that he had fractured his skull and broken his wrist. These injuries were attended to on the ground, and then the aviator was conveyed to the Royal Victoria Hospital, where, according to the latest reports, he is making good progress towards recovery. . . .'


FLIGHT 1st October 1910 p. 796