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F-18 Hornet  

List being compiled - several more ejections and mishaps to add
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Air Force

A'cft Unit / Serial


crashed crew photo seat
4th June 1985
F-18 Hornet       Lt.COL D.Kenny   Martin-Baker
17th July 1985
 F/A‑18A Hornet 162404
VW 302
USS Coral
struck ramp at night and slid off the deck on USS Coral Sea Capt. P. L. Haake   Martin-Baker
?? February 1987   F‑18     collided with the other F‑18 lost today pilot ejected safely   Martin-Baker
?? February 1987   F‑18     collided with the other F‑18 lost today pilot ejected safely   Martin-Baker
7th February 1987
F/A‑18A 161971
VMFA‑122 caught fire on take‑off and crashed Lt.Col. P. Sullivan ejected safely   Martin-Baker
12th February 1987
F/A‑18A 161522
Blue Angels
on railroad tracks 5 M S of Brawley, CA, USA Lt. Cdr. David Anderson ejected   Martin-Baker
14th April 1987
F/A‑18A 162855
VFA‑136 collided with F/A‑18A 162847 during ACM, into Atlantic off FL, USA LTC. A. Boyajian

L TG. R. Penfield

who was in which aircraft???

14th April 1987
F/A‑18A 162847
VFA‑136 collided with F/A‑18A 162855 during ACM, into Atlantic off FL, USA    
4th May 1987
F-18 Hornet     during test flight near Renchen, Germany, after jet goes into tailspin Capt. D. Beseit   Martin-Baker
Capt. K. Gethards   Martin-Baker
4th June 1987
F/A‑18A 161987
 VMFA‑122 on Townsend ranges 60 M SW of Savannah, GA, USA Capt. S. T. Perkins ejected safely    
10th July 1987
F-18 Hornet       Lt. Cdr. V. L. Toalson    
9th October 1987
F/A‑18A Hornet 162477  WS VMFA‑323  just over the Mexican border S of Yuma, AZ, USA Capt. J. R. Adams ejected safely   Martin-Baker
21st September 1987
F-18 Hornet   CFB Bagotville, Que  Left engine caught fire shortly after takeoff Major Stacey   Martin-Baker
20th October 1987
F-18 Hornet       Capt. D. A. Friedt   Martin-Baker
16th November 1987
F/A‑18A 162476
VMFA‑531 engine fire into Pacific off CA, USA 1.Lt. T. A. Drechsler ejected safely   Martin-Baker
28th January 1988
F/A‑18A Hornet 163109
NAS Lemoore
crashed in the Sierra Nevadas, California, following
mid-air collision. One killed, one ejected.
Lt.JG D. T. Morgan    Martin-Baker
10th May 1988
F/A‑18A Hornet 163112 VFA‑125, NAS Lemoore. CA engine stalled shortly after take‑off pilot Lt.JG N. S. McEachern     ejected safely   Martin-Baker
F/A‑18A N844NA NASA 3 M N of Boron, CA, USA, shortly after take‑off from Edwards AFB pilot ejected safely   Martin-Baker
2nd August 1988
F-18 Hornet       P. D. Ford Martin-Baker  
7th October 1988
F-18 Hornet       Mr. S. Ishmael Martin-Baker  




Point Mugu
Two USN F-18A Hornets collided  during air combat
manouevres. The two aircraft crashed some 40 miles apart, one near the town of Independence,
the other near Olancha, just north of China Lake Naval Weapons Centre RN exchange pilot Lt. Cdr. John Timothy Ellis
was did not eject and was killed.
Lt. K. T. Houck
Cdr. J. B. Godwin


Can anyone confirm pilot who ejected also which aircraft the pilot ejected from

see below

F/A‑18C 163739
VFA‑125 lost control Lt. K. T. Houck
Cdr. J. B. Godwin

    ejected safely

12th June 1989
F/A‑18A 161980
  MAJ R. E. Schmidle ejected safely   Martin-Baker
22nd June 1989
F/A‑18A 162908
NF 207
USS Midway
 engine exploded, crashed into the sea  shortly after cat shot W of Luzon Point, Philippines Lt. Cdr. D.C.Conradejected safely and was
picked up by a helicopter from the carrier
F/A‑18C Hornet 163427
VFA‑81 crashed in Ocala National Forest, Florida shortly after a practice bombing
run at the Pine Castle RAnge
pilot LTC. R.Bartolett ejected safely   Martin-Baker
7th November 1988
F/A-18 Hornet Ala 15   crashed near Zaragoza Air Base following a technical
Capt. I. A. Ortiz ejected Martin-Baker  
Spanish AF
EF-18 Hornet   Zaragota air base crashed near air base Pilot ejected successfully IS THIS THE PREVIOUS LOSS Martin-Baker
23rd January 1990 USMC F-18 Hornet        Captain C. Moseley ejected  Martin-Baker  
F-18A Hornet 161524
Blue Angel
Mid-air collision with another Blue Angels F/A‑18A which landed safely, p . El Centro, California, Superstition mountains, CA, USA Pilot ejected   Martin-Baker
15th February 1990 USN F-18 Hornet       Cdr. D. R. Miller ejected Martin-Baker  
F/A‑18A     Departed controlled flight. Crashed into Pacific 65 M NW of Oahu, HI, USA  ejected safely   Martin-Baker
23rd February 1990 USMC F-18 Hornet       Flt. LT  ejected Martin-Baker  
31st March 1990
F-18A Hornet 162858
AJ 306
USS Eisenhower
Port engine fire on climb, crashed  in western Mediterranean 28 M from carrier Lt. Cdr. Henderson ejected safely   Martin-Baker
17th April 1990
CF-18A Hornet 188779
439 Squadron
1st Canadian Air Division

CFB Baden-Soellingen
 mid-air crash  over Karlsruhe,
Capt. Reg Decoste
ejected  injured when landing on a busy autobahn

see notes

  Martin-Baker Mk.CDN10S
17th April 1990
CF-18A Hornet 188765 Capt. Timothy Kirk Leuty
Martin-Baker Mk.CDN10S
The 2 CF-18s that collided over Europe on 17 April 1990 were 188765 and 188779.  Both were from No. 439 Squadron, 1st Canadian Air Division.  Sorry, no information on fate of the crew.

Regarding the CF-18 mid-air crash on April 17th 1990 over Karlsruhe,
The pilot of the second Hornet involved in the crash was Capt. Timothy Leuty (he flew 188765). He was killed during the crash, the cockpit
section was smashed by Capt. Decoste's aircraft wing in the collision.
Also, Capt. R. Decoste miraculously survived the landing with his parachute on a highway with heavy traffic. That highway was the so
called "Süd-Tangente" (Southern tangent - as it runs from west to east along the southern portion of the city) in Karlsruhe, Germany.

I haven't seen the crash with my own eyes, but I was just minutes later getting out of the car at the civil airfield of Karlsruhe (we had a
flying club there) and a double-seater CF-18 was circling over the city for at least half an hour shortly after the crash. Perhaps they were
trying to take photos from the aircrafts debris which was all over the place as the aircraft collided at an altitude of around 14000 feet,
though no one was hurt on the ground.


The pilot of the CF-18 Hornet that was killed over Karlsruhre West Germany on 17 April 1990 did not die because his parachute malfunctioned.


I was the WO (Warrant Officer) from CFB Baden on the Crash Recovery Team/Crew at this time.
Capt Leuty was killed by the impact of the wing tip of Capt. Reg  Decoste's CF-18 penetrating Capt Leuty's aircraft and cockpit.
I know this because I talked to Capt Decoste and was debriefed by him.
I also personally observed Capt Leuty's cockpit (or what remained of it) and it showed definite signs of massive trauma).
(believe me - the parachute would not have been of help/use in this accident).

Yours truly,
John Hawley
in email 21st March 2008

Details amended following email on 21st March 2008
13th May 1990
F/A-18C Hornet 163712
NF 311
VFA-192 USS Independence crashed into the Indian Ocean after speed
decayed during catapult launch
Pilot ejected   Martin-Baker
14th August 1990
F-18       Lt. J. J. O'Doherty ejected   Martin-Baker
Cdr. J. P. Merrill August 1990    Martin-Baker
17th / 18th January 1991
F/A-18 Hornet BuNo 163484
AA 403.
USS Saratoga Hit by an Iraqi SAM during "Operation Desert Storm." Captain Michael Scott Speicher

Information suggests that he initiated ejection



24th January 1991
F-18C Hornet   Saudi Arabia Engine problems Lt. H. E. Overs   Martin-Baker
8th March 1991
F/A-18C Hornet 163728
WD 06
VMFA-212 Crashed south east of Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Collided with Hornet 163728 which also crashed. ejected   Martin-Baker
8th March 1991
F/A-18C Hornet 163729
WD 07
VMFA-212 Crashed south east of Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Collided with Hornet 163729 which also crashed. ejected   Martin-Baker
5th June 1991
F-18A A21-041 75sq       Martin-Baker
12th July 1991
F/A-18C Hornet 164000
ING 402
USS Nimitz
Night ramp strike during night CV
recovery to USS Nimitz. Arabian Gulf
Pilot Lt. M. M. Gautreaux ejected   Martin-Baker
20th August 1991
F-18C Hornet   USS Theodore Roosevelt Failed to rotate on take off Ejected   Martin-Baker
24th August 1991
F/A-18C Hornet 164004   NH 304 VFA‑22
USS Abraham Lincoln
Settled off catapult, crashed into Persian Gulf, Arabian Sea pilot ejected   Martin-Baker
 6th October 1991
 F/A‑18A 162852
AK 403
VFA‑137 hydraulic failure crashed into Mediterranean between Cyprus and Turkey Cdr. M. R. Groothousen   Martin-Baker
 9th October 1991
F/A-18C Hornet 163774 VMFA-235 Mid air
collision with another F-18C which landed safely 10 nm North of Kaneohe Hawaii
Capt. H. C. Dewey ejected   Martin-Baker
4th December 1991
F/A-18C Hornet 164065 VFA-94 Training flight.Crashed 10 nm North of Lone Pine, California Cdr. L. A. Fox ejected   Martin-Baker
15th March 1992
F/A18A Hornet 162845
AE 302
VFA‑132 Control lost  during cross country navigation exercise after attempting to divert to Grissom AFB. Crashed near McCoysburg, Indiana. . Lt. Schultz   ejected safely   Martin-Baker
F-18 Hornet       Lt. S. M. Thompson   Martin-Baker
15th May 1992



F-18D Hornet 164196
AD 357
VFA-106 Departed controlled flight during basic
fighter manoeuvring. Crashed in Atlantic, 90 miles east of Jacksonville
Lt. Cdr. J. R. Muir ejected safely during a solo flight   Martin-Baker NACES
28th May 1992
F/A‑18A 163125
AJ 314

 birdstrike with vulture during low­level flight, Santa Fe river, nr Worthington Springs, FL

 pilot ??? killed during ejection   Martin-Baker
F/A-18D Hornet 164035/04/VK VMFA[AW]-121 The aircraft developed engine problems while attempting to refuel in flight
and was attempting to return to Paya Lebar when control was lost. Crashed in hilly jungle area in
Tanjung Siang, Jahore State, Southern Malaysia while returning to MCAS Iwakuni, Japan from
Paya Lebar, Singapore.
Pilot ejected,
rescued safely
WSO died of his injuries after ejection   Martin-Baker
19th May 1992
F-18B A21-106 77sq       Martin-Baker
?? October 1992
F/A‑18B 161719 NAWC‑AD. NAS Patuxent River, MD, USA arrested landing failed after flight control difficulties

(did this aircraft hit a truck on the ground??)

ejected   Martin-Baker
ejected   Martin-Baker
F/A/-18D Hornet 164649/00/CE VMFA[AW]-225 Ran off runway after an aborted take-off causing serious damage to the nose, centre
section and undercarriage.

Crashed at 29 Palms MCALF

Lt. COL T. Pennington    Martin-Baker
MAJ D. P. Yurovich   Martin-Baker
F/A‑18A 162833
NL 301
USS Kitty Hawk
Crashed into Pacific during night take‑off from carrier pilot ejected safely   Martin-Baker
25th or 27th May 1993
F/A-18C Hornet   VFA‑151
NAS Leemore
 lost during a sortie crashed near Lone Pine, California Lt. Skaran ejected    
22nd June 1993
F/A‑18A Hornet 162441
MAG 42, Det. A, 4th MAW, Jacksonville, FL Dual engine failure during ACM Crashed KofA ["King of Arizona"] Game Refuge, Yuma, AZ, USA

Major William Rich ejected but died later

22nd June 1993 ???
F/A‑18A 163108
VMFA‑115 collided with F/A‑18A 163164, crashed into Pacific off Okinawa, Okinawa, Japan

one plot killed, 1    ejected

details appreciated


22nd June 1993 ???
F/A‑18A 163164
VMFA‑115 collided with F/A‑18A 163108, crashed into Pacific off Okinawa, Okinawa, Japan Martin-Baker
17th December 1993
F/A-18A Hornet   VMFA-115 collided with USMC F/A-18A Hornet from VMFA-115 Major J. C. Jumper ejected and picked up safely by the JASDF but the other pilot is missing


28th April 1994

F/A-18C Hornet   VFA-83
USS Saratoga
crashed in the Adriatic Pilot ejected directly into the water and was killed instantly   Martin-Baker
21st June 1994
Lt. Adam M. Taff   Martin-Baker
F/A-18 Hornet 163467
 AB 300
NAS Cecil Field, Jacksonville, Florida
Turbine blade fault caused engine and control failures Ocala National Forest 40 M W of Daytona, FL, USA
16th August 1994
Spanish AF
F-18A C 15-17/15-04   collided with a vulture and crashed at Bardenas Range Major Eduardo Gil Rosella ejected safely but broke a leg on landing   Martin-Baker
18th November 1994
 F/A‑18A Hornet 162827
USS Kitty Hawk
 lost thrust upon launch and crashed into the sea Pilot ejected   Martin-Baker
18th November 1994
F/A‑18C Hornet 164695
USS Constellation
boltered and crashed Pilot ejected
[or was this a two place F-18 ???]
24th April 1995
F-18A Hornet 161734
NAS Miramar, CA, USA
Crashed on western end of runway during go‑around Capt. J. M. Jansen ejected   Martin-Baker
15th June 1995
Canadian Forces
CF-18A Hornet 188713 441 Sqn crashed shortly after take-off from the Oregon
ANG base at Kingsley Field, near Klamath Falls
Capt. Alex Day ejected   Martin-Baker
24th August 1995
F/A-18D Hornet 163720
VFA-125 crashed near bombing rang Bravo 20, 35 miles northeast of
Fallon, Nevada
Pilot ejected   Martin-Baker
WSO ejected   Martin-Baker
30th August 1995
F/A-18 Hornet   VFA-106 crashed inverted at Whitehouse NOLF, Florida USMC
pilot ejected but killed
5th October 1995
F/A-18D Hornet 164064
SH 277
VMFAT-1 NAS El Centro,

   Multiple (large) birdstrike. Crashed  Kola Mountains, nr NAF El Centro, CA, USA

Lt. P. A. Kratzer ejected at low level   Martin-Baker
1.Lt. T. A. Harp ejected at low level   Martin-Baker
15th January 1996

F/A-18A Hornet 161927
AF 306
NAS Cecil Field, Florida

hit the runway at, Florida just outside the perimeter of NAS El Centro, California

Pilot ejected safely   Martin-Baker
17th January 1996
F/A‑18C 163995
NH 304
 VFA‑22 collided with F/A‑18C 164063, Desatoya Mountains, NV, USA 1 pilot killed, 1 ejected

Details appreciated

17th January 1996
F/A‑18C 164063
NH 311
VFA‑22 collided with F/A‑18C 163995, Desatoya Mountains, NV, USA   Martin-Baker
17th January 1996

F/A-18C Hornet   NAS Lemoore, California Two USN F/A-18C Hornets from NAS Lemoore, California collided in mid-air

Lt. Kevin Duggan managed to ejected and suffered only minor injuries. He had to  wrap his parachute around himself against the cold conditions after landing at a height of 6,300ft in snow covered mountains.

2nd April 1996

F/A-18C Hornet 164728
NE 205

crashed about 15 miles northwest of NAF El

Centro, California


Capt. Michael P. Jeffries, ejected

safely with only minor cuts and abrasions

3rd April 1996

F/A-18 Hornet   VFA-151
NAS Lemoore

ditched in the Pacific Ocean 50 miles southwest of Monterey, California

Lt. John Sedlock ejected safely and was recovered from his life-raft with only minor bruising suffered during ejection

Wednesday 19th June 1996
3:45 p.m. EDT
McDonnell Douglas Corp F/A-18C     crashed while practicing  aerobatic maneuvers for an air show near St. Louis destroying a house near the St. Louis Regional Airport pilot killed    
14th August  1996
F-18 Hornet     Jet crashes on takeoff from Iqaluit, Nunavut Pilot safely ejects   Martin-Baker
4th December 1996
F/A‑18C   VMFA‑314 into Pacific off USS Abraham Lincoln, skidded oft the deck pilot ejected safely and landed on the carrier    Martin-Baker
14th September 1997
F/A-18     crashed during training
in Oman
Pilot killed    
15th September 1997
F/A-18D     crashed into the Piney
Island Bombing Range off the North Carolina coast
7th February 1998
F/A-18 Hornet   VFM-251
USS George Washington
collided in the Persian Gulf during routine patrol  on their way to the no-fly zone Maj. Cary D. Venden recovered by SAR and flown back to the GW   Martin-Baker
7th February 1998
F/A-18 Hornet   VFM-251
USS George Washington
Lt. Col. Henry G. Van Winkle killed recovered by SAR and flown back to the GW was ejection attempted ?? Martin-Baker
8th February 1998
F/A‑18C 163489
AA 412
USS Dwight D Eisenhower
Crashed into sea, in the Atlantic near Puerto Rico USA, following cold cat shot pilotLt. Cmdr. Tom Halley ejected safely   Martin-Baker
27th April 1998
F/A‑18C 163744
NF 301
VFA‑192 northern Arabian Sea pilot ejected   Martin-Baker
16th September 1998
F/A‑18C 765209
AA 305
USS Eisenhower
in western Mediterranean, during practice strafing run pilot ejected safely   Martin-Baker
25th September 1998
F/A‑18C 165223
AA 214
VFA‑34 into Mediterranean 80 M from Toulon, France pilot ejected safely   Martin-Baker
16th June 1999
F/A‑18D 163778
SH 245
VMFAT‑101 Barry M Goldwater range, nr Yuma, AZ, USA, during ACM ejected   Martin-Baker
Thursday 29th October 1999
F/A-18 Hornet
Blue Angels
MOODY AIR FORCE BASE, Ga crashed during a training flight   no ejections
Lt. Cmdr. Kieron O'Connor killed Lt. Kevin Colling killed
10th January 2000
 F/A‑18D Hornet 164665
VMFA(AW)‑242 lost control during ACM, nr Yuma, AZ, USA ejected   Martin-Baker
ejected   Martin-Baker
9th May 2000
F/A‑18D Hornet 164233
SH 251
VMFAT(AW)‑101 caught fire during air‑to‑ground mission NAF El Centro ranges, CA, USA ejected   Martin-Baker
ejected   Martin-Baker
7th July 2000
 F/A‑18D Hornet 164868
BM 402
VMFA(AW)‑533 Control lost. Crashed in Atlantic Ocean oft MCAS Beaufort, SC, USA ejected   Martin-Baker
ejected   Martin-Baker
29th September 2000
F/A‑18C 164681
NK 411
  Persian Gulf off USS Abraham Lincoln pilot ejected but died later   Martin-Baker
5th October 2000
F/A‑18C 164867
AB 200
VMFA‑251  struck ground during training sortie nr Yuma, AZ, USA pilot ejected safely   Martin-Baker
27th October 2000
F/A‑18C 164232
AJ 412

collided at night with another F/A­18C which landed safely

Smith Creek Valley, 55 M E of NAS Fallon, NV, USA
pilot ejected safely   Martin-Baker
23rd October 2001
F/A-18C 164251
AC 403
Strike Fighter Squadron,VFA-105, "Gunslingers," Oceana Naval Air Station in Virginia Beach, Va engine caught fire at low level about 20 miles west of the Nevada Test Site near the Nellis Air Force Range Lt. Micah Manningham, ejected safely   Martin-Baker
7th November 2001
F-18 Hornet HN-430 Karstula HN-413 and HN-430 collided on a training mission at night.HN-413 sustained severe damage but was able to return to base on one engine pilot Senior Lt. Jouni Junttila ejected   Martin-Baker

16th January 2002


Boeing  F/A-18A

 162868 AF 300


Believed to be gear failure during landing run. Savannah, Georgia, USA

Salvadorean AF

Pilot ejected

[can anyone confirm the nationality of the pilot]



15th March 2002
F/A‑18A   51 762887 NSAWC crashed into the ground during ACM nearClan Alpine, NE of NAS Fallon, NV, USA

pilot ejected safely

6th June 2002
F/A‑18A 162891 NSAWC

crashed into the ground during 1v1 ACM, 10 M NW of Gabbs, Smith Creek Valley, SE of NAS Fallon, NV, USA

Pilot ejected   Martin-Baker
 26th July 2002
 F/A‑18A 163139
VMFA‑312 Control problems, Cleburne County, 70 M N of Little Rock, AR, USA Pilot ejected OK    Martin-Baker
18th October 2002
F/A-18F Super Hornet
NH 105
VFA 41
Black Aces Lemoore Naval Air Station, Calif
routine training operating with six other aircraft from the same squadron. Crashed at sea approximately 80 miles southwest of Monterey, Calif


WSO Lieutenant Stephen R. Nevarez


Pilot Lieutenant Joel A. Korkowski






WSO Lieutenant Stephen N. Benson

Pilot Lieutenant Matthew S. Shubzda

18th October 2002
F/A-18F Super Hornet 165889
NH 115
VFA 41
Black Aces
Lemoore Naval Air Station, Calif
31st October 2002
F/A-18 Hornet     Aircraft Landing gear collapsed on arrested landing following ramp strike   DETAILS OF MISHAP APPRECIATED  
3rd November 2002
F/A-18 Hornet     Aircraft failed to return from night at sea bombing mission      
14th November 2002
F/A‑18D 163749
SH 243
MCAS Miramar, CA. USA
VMFAT‑101 during BFM flight in Pacific100 M SW of MCAS Miramar, CA pilot ejected safely   Martin-Baker
18th December 2002
 F/A‑18A 162883 NSAWC during air wing training, 6 M N of Gabbs, NV, USA mid-air collision.  Two aircraft destroyed.    pilot ejected safely   Martin-Baker
6th January 2003
F/A-18 Hornet     Aircraft departed runway during landing rollout      
17th January 2003
F/A-18 Hornet     Aircraft departed runway during landing rollout.      
17th January 2003
F/A-18 Hornet     Aircraft lost over ocean during day functional check flight      
11th February 2003
Spanish AF
EF-18A Hornet C.15-91/46-19

462 Escuadron
Ala 46

crashed into the sea not far from its homebase Gando, Gran Canaria pilot ejected safely   Martin-Baker
18th February 2003
NG 411
USS Carl Vinson
Aircraft departed controlled flight during BFM flight. Western Pacific pilot ejected safely   Martin-Baker
A U.S. Navy F/A-18 Hornet aircraft operating from USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) crashed in the Western Pacific ocean at approximately 8:15 p.m. EST Feb. 18, 2003. The jet was conducting routine flight operations approximately 45 miles from the aircraft carrier. The pilot safely ejected from the aircraft prior to the crash. One of Carl Vinson's helicopters, which was airborne at the time of the crash, was immediately dispatched to conduct rescue operations. The helicopter, from Helicopter Support Squadron 8, immediately reported to the scene and established communications with the pilot. The pilot was recovered by the helicopter crew, was uninjured and was been returned to Carl Vinson. The aircraft ws assigned to Fighter Attack Squadron 147, the Argonauts, homebased at Naval Air Station Lemoore, CA.
30th March 2003
Malaysian AF
F-18     Malaysia ejected safely   Martin-Baker
ejected safely   Martin-Baker
Thursday, 2nd April 2003
3:45 p.m. EST

F/A-18 Hornet   VFA 195
based in Atsugi, Japan
deployed with Carrier Air Wing Five (CVW 5) aboard USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63)
Operation Iraqi Freedom -
hit by two U.S. Patriot Missiles in a "friendly fire" accident
in the area near Kerbala,  Iraq
Lt. Nathan Dennis White ejected but found dead on ground on Saturday Martin-Baker
17th April 2003
F-18     San Clemente Island ejected safely   Martin-Baker
ejected safely   Martin-Baker
22nd July 2003
F/A-18 Hornet     Aircraft hit ground during night close air support mission      
26th May 2003
CF-18 Hornet 188732   416 Tactical Fighter Squadron Malfunctioning control system caused an uncontrollable spin. Crashed while returning from a training mission on the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range during Exercise Maple Flag 36. Capt. Kevin Naismith ejected at approx. 3000ft. at high speed but died of his injuries received during ejection. Martin-Baker
05 Sep 03
      Stuck throttle in flight pilot ejected short of runway    
11th September 2003
F/A‑18D 164198
AD 432
VFA‑106 Arrestor cable broke, failed cross deck pendant, during landing and aircraft skidded into the water Atlantic off VA, USA pilot ejected safely   Martin-Baker
15th October 2003
F/A‑18A 206163
VE 147
VMFA‑115 Struck water during ACM. Crashed in sea 40 M off Hilton Head Island, SC, USA Marine Capt. Matthew R. McInerney and Maj. Breton L. Saunders ejected safely


15th October 2003
F/A‑18A 163159
VE 204
VMFA‑115 Struck water during ACM. Crashed in sea 40 M off Hilton Head Island, SC, USA   Martin-Baker
17th December 2003
F/A‑18C XE VX‑9, NAWS China Lake, CA, USA Ran off runway during landing pilot ejected safely   Martin-Baker
10th March 2004
FA-18C   VFA-94 Aircraft departed runway on landing and overturned      
24th March 2004
F/A‑18C   VFA-82 Aircraft struck water pilot ejected and was rescued  
26th March 2004
F/A‑18C 164689 
AJ 307
VFA‑15 ran off runway during take‑off, Raleigh ‑ Durham IAP, NC, USA
Lt. j.g. Wesley Baumgartner ejected safely
29th March 2004
10 a.m. CST

F/A‑18A 162839
AF 301
VFA‑203  hit power lines at low level nr Piney river S of Spring City, W of Watts Bar Lake, N of Chattanooga,crashed near U.S. 27 TN Navy Reserve Cdr. Kevin T. Hagnstad, broke an ankle when he ejected   Martin-Baker
21st April 2004
FA-18A   VMFA-112 Aircraft failed to return to base during night training event      
28th May 2004
FA-18C   VFA-82 FLIR TFOA      
19th June  2004
CF-18 188761 441sq over Yellowknife Pilot ejected injured   Martin-Baker

There is a rather interesting story concerning ejections from Canadian CF-18s and I'm going to bet it's a one off in the entire World? Aircraft 188761, as you have listed on your site as having been ejected from successfully as "over Yellowknife" IN June 2004, was this is not quite the case. The Pilot actually ejected while the aircraft was still on the runway, the aircraft came to a stop by itself without over running the runway and actually had to be shut down by response crews. There was minimal damage and the aircraft was repaired, a new seat installed and put back in service. It is flying today.

If this was not enough, the fact that a single seat fighter was ejected from and was able to be repaired (wait for it) this is the second time that this has occurred to this particular aircraft. It was ejected from during an aborted take-off from a Base in England during the late eighties. The aircraft was extensively damaged in that accident and in fact was broken in two. The Pilot (who shall remain nameless) was not injured. Six years and countless dollars later MBB in Manching Germany put the aircraft back in service. I was there to watch it fly away (on a pair of Wings purchased from Australia and a "C" model nose section that was originally intended for a Spanish aircraft transplanted to an "A" model fuselage.)

Bob Fiander

in email 13th May 2008

27th June  2004

F/A-18A 163145
Beaufort, S.C
Aircraft crashed at sea during night training mission in the eastern Atlantic Ocean.  Wreckage was recovered about 60 miles south of the Azores Islands Capt. Franklin R. "Puj" Hooks II

Missing Presumed Killed



Capt Franklin "Puj" Hooks Release # 0629-04-1329
Pilot involved in F/A-18A+ Hornet mishap aboard USS Harry S Truman listed as deceased
June 28, 2004

MARINE CORPS AIR STATION BEAUFORT, SC -- An F/A-18A+ Hornet pilot involved in a mishap Saturday night aboard the USS Harry S. Truman has been listed as deceased.

Captain Franklin R. Hooks II, 32, of Dade City, Fla., was assigned to Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 115, Marine Aircraft Group 31, which was conducting flight operations off the Truman in the eastern Atlantic Ocean approximately 60 miles south of the Azores. Search and recovery efforts for Captain Hooks were unsuccessful.

A 14-year veteran of the military, Captain Hooks was married but did not have any children. Having enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1990, he graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1997 and had been stationed here since December 2001. He flew combat missions in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom as a member of VMFA-115 “Silver Eagles” during their deployment aboard the Truman from December 2002 to May 2003.

Captain Hooks’ awards and decorations include the Air Medal, a Navy-Marine Corps Commendation Medal with a Combat “V” for valor, an Armed Forces Service Medal, an Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, a National Defense Service Medal (2 awards), a Sea Service Deployment Ribbon, and Naval Aviator Wings.

A memorial service for Captain Hooks will be held tomorrow aboard the USS Harry S Truman. Plans for a local memorial service will be announced at a later time.

The investigation into the circumstances surrounding the mishap continues.

Media interested in speaking with Marine Aircraft Group 31 Executive Officer, Lieutenant Col. Ross Roberts, are asked to be at the main gate visitors’ center at 1:45 p.m. to be escorted to VMFA-115’s hangar. A photo of Captain Hooks is included below. For further questions, please contact Captain Don Caetano at (843) 228-6123.

Recent article:

Oxygen loss linked to fatal MCAS jet crash
Pilot crashed in Atlantic in 2004 training exercise
Published Wed, Sep 21, 2005

The Beaufort Gazette
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The death of a Beaufort Marine pilot who crashed his F/A-18 Hornet into the Atlantic Ocean last year was most likely caused by oxygen deprivation, but the exact reason for the crash may never be known, according to a Marine Corps report completed after the accident.
Capt. Franklin R. Hooks, 32, was taking part in a training exercise on June 27, 2004, when he crashed south of the Azores, in the eastern Atlantic.

Hooks, a pilot with Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 115, The Silver Eagles, had been training off the USS Harry Truman when the crash occurred, according to the Marine report released this month. He had logged the second-most night systems hours within his division.

Although investigators suspect that a lack of oxygen caused the crash, neither Hooks' body nor the jet were recovered, which makes determining an exact cause impossible, said Mike Barton, a spokesman at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point in North Carolina. The Silver Eagles are part of Marine Aircraft Group 31, which is overseen by the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing, based at Cherry Point.

"In aircraft accidents, they piece them back together and can determine the smallest details," Barton said. "Whereas in this case, without the aircraft, they can't do that."

Hooks, who was designated a naval aviator in 2000 and assigned to Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort in 2001, became confused during the flight, which could have been caused by a lack of oxygen, the report states.

At one point in the flight, Hooks was unable to join up with the rest of his group, and when asked about his oxygen levels, he gave an unintelligible reply, according to the report.

When asked if he was experiencing vertigo or needed a descent, Hooks answered that he did not, according to the report.

"At the time of the flight, neither Captain Hooks nor any other member of the mishap flight recognized the nature or severity of his distress in time to prevent the mishap," the report states. "(Hooks) failed to recognize the deadly consequences of his symptoms before losing the mental clarity to calculate an appropriate course of action or to clearly articulate his problem."

The report states that Hooks' flight gear and jet were properly maintained and prepared for use before the crash.

Hooks had an existing illness or cold, which may have contributed to his problems in the air, the report states.

But Hooks did not "feel strong enough about his condition to remove himself from the flight schedule, an action that he had demonstrated in past circumstances," the report states.

While no punitive action was taken as a result of the investigation, the report recommended that the squadron's commanding officer review the cockpit navigation flight systems in the jets, as well as cockpit pressurization.

More training should be given to pilots regarding oxygen deprivation and not flying if they do not feel well, the report states.

Hooks' crash marked the fourth of five Beaufort-based Hornet crashes from October 2003 to June 2004.

Just days after Hooks' crash, Canadian Air Force Capt. Derek Nichols was killed when his Hornet crashed while landing at the air station.

In October 2003, two Hornets with Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 115 collided over the Atlantic.

In March 2004, a Hornet belonging to Navy Strike Fighter Squadron 82, The Marauders, crashed into the ocean about 43 miles southeast of Beaufort. In both crashes, all three pilots safely ejected. An all-weather fighter and attack aircraft, the average F/A-18 Hornet, costs about $35 million.

28th June  2004
F/A-18C 164269
DC 03
VMFA-122 Aircraft departed runway on day landing Derek R. Nichols [CAF] ejected
Later - Died in hospital
21st July 2004
F/A‑18A   VMFA‑134 collided with F/A‑18B 162870 nr Arlington, over Columbia River, OR, USA pilot ejected safely   Martin-Baker
26th August 2004
F/A‑18C NE303 VFA‑151 NAS North Island, CA

Ran off end of runway  on night divert. at NAS North Island, CA and ended up in San Diego harbour

Lt. Jason Doyle Walker ejected safely   Martin-Baker
14th September 2004
F/A‑18C 164904
WD 00
VMFA‑212 crashed prior to day approach to landing about 10 M SW of RAAF Tindal, Australia pilot ejected safely   Martin-Baker
20th September 2004
F/A‑18A 161970
MG 00
MCAS Quantico, VA, USA
ran off runway, MCAS Quantico, VA, USA pilot ejected safely   Martin-Baker
9th November 2004
12 p.m. EST

F/A‑18C AG VFA‑131

Nellis AFB,
Las Vegas, NV, USA
Taking part in an exercise with the Air Force Weapons School at Nellis. Crashed 15 miles north of air base  pilot ejected safely and recovered by Air Force recovery crews   Martin-Baker
1st December 2004
Blue Angel
Hit water 6 M offshore in Gulf of Mexico nr Perdido Key, FL, USA Lieutenant Ted Steelman  ejected safely taken by helicopter to Pensacola Naval Hospital -later released Martin-Baker
29th January 2005
6:30 p.m., Japan Standard Time

F/A-18F   (VFA) 102
USS Kitty Hawk
(CV 63)
Atsugi, Japan
in an accident on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk, approximately 100 miles southeast of Yokosuka, Japan

Pilot, Lt. j.g. Jon Vanbragt

Lt. Cmdr. Markus Gudmundsson
Martin-Baker NACES
2nd May 2005
F/A-18F   Marine Fighter Attack Squadron (VMFA) 323, Marine Aircraft Group 11, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, Marine Corps Miramar in San Diego

aboard USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70)

collided with another jet over Iraq Maj. John C. Spahr killed  
2nd May 2005
F/A-18F   Marine Fighter Attack Squadron (VMFA) 323, Marine Aircraft Group 11, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, Marine Corps Miramar in San Diego

aboard USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70)

collided with another jet over Iraq Capt. Kelly C. Hinz killed  
Monday 18th July 2005
F/A-18E Super Hornet ? VFA-122

Lemoore Naval Air Station

Midair collision with F/A-18F - crash site in the Mojave Desert Lt. Bruce L. Clark ejected but was killed.  
Monday 18th July 2005

11:29 a.m.

F/A-18F Super Hornet ? VFA-122 Lemoore Naval Air Station Midair collision with F/A-18E crash site in the Mojave Desert Martin-Baker
(VFA) 14 Lt. John Bonenfant ejected sustained injuries Lt. Noel Sawatzky ejected sustained injuries Martin-Baker
Tuesday 16th August 2005 08:40a.m.
CF-18 188745 425 Alouette Tactical Fighter Squadron
CFB Bagotville
100 kilometers North-East of  3 Wing Bagotville, Northern Quebec, Canada Pilot ejected found safe in a forested area   Martin-Baker
Friday 14th October 2005

F/A-18C Hornet 163461

NAS Oceana

Deployed to Key West, Florida for training

crashed in shallow water off the
Florida Keys
 Pilot ejected, rescued form water by helicopter, taken to Lower Keys Hospital -  suffered a broken arm and a collapsed lung   Martin-Baker
Wednesday 18th January 2006
about 6:30 p.m

18C Hornet
  Strike Fighter
Squadron 97
Operational Loss. Crashed near Seeley near  El Centro Naval
Air Facility
Lt. Cdr. Frank C. Wittwer


Saturday 28th January 2006
at approximately 4:17 a.m. (PST).

F/A-18C Hornet  
VFA 25
CAW 14
USS Ronald Reagan

CVN 76
 Crashed into the sea  approximately 120 miles southeast of Brisbane, Australia, while trying to land on on the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan Pilot ejected   Martin-Baker
Monday 6th February 2006
17:17 h

F/A-18D Hornet
"Rough Raiders"

Lemoore Naval Air Station

Operating from Key West

Crashed in the Atlantic 5 miles south of Boca Chica Naval Air Station, Florida Keys Pilot ejected and was picked up by a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter - 7th Coast Guard District, Miami.   Martin-Baker
Tuesday 21st February 2006
5:00 p.m.

F/A-18 Hornet Crusaders of Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 122, Marine Aircraft Group 31.
2nd Marine Aircraft Wing
crashed into coastal waters off of Key West Maj. Steven Feltenberger  from MCAS, Beaufort, ejected safely   Martin-Baker
Monday 26th June 2006
photo usn

Rough Riders

Lemoore Naval Air Station, CA
Flying a training mission in collision with an F/A-18 Hornet. Crashed at Fort Hunter Liggett. Other pilot killed Pilot ejected -returned to NAS Lemore

Name will not be released at pilot's request

Martin-Baker Mk.14 NACES

F/A-18 Hornet ???
Monday 26th June 2006
F/A-18 Hornet ??? Flying a training mission in collision with an F/A-18 Hornet. Crashed at Fort Hunter Liggett. First Lt. Brian R. Deforge (USMC) did not eject and was killed upon impact Photo not shown at family request Martin-Baker Mk.14 NACES
Thursday 30th November 2006

F/A-18D Hornet 163471
MCAS Miramar

news link

Crashed east of Marine Corps Air Station Miramar,
on the north side of the base, south of Pomerado Road, San Diego causing small brush fire.
Pilot, Captain Jonathan Ashmore, ejected landing in a canyon in an unpopulated area, of the base, near a Scripps Ranch neighborhood. Recovered and treated by medics Martin-Baker
2nd seat unoccuppied    

Tuesday 20th March 2007
3:19 p.m. (local time).

F/A-18C  Hornet 164725  
Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 323
"Death Rattlers"
Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 9
USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74)
Crashed into the north Arabian Sea. The carrier was, its aircraft flying ground-attack missions over Afghanistan

"Carrier Strike Group is currently supporting Operation Enduring Freedom as well as conducting Maritime Security Operations in the U.S. 5th Fleet area of operations" - USN

pilot ejected   Martin-Baker NACES



EJECTION SEAT SYSTEM. BuNo 161353 thru 164068, the SJU-5/A ejection seat is fitted to the F/A-18A,

F/A-18C and in the rear cockpit of the F/A-18B and F/A-18D aircraft. The SJU-6/A ejection seat is fitted to the cockpit of the F/A-18B and F/A-18D.

BuNo 164196 and up, the SJU-17(V)1/A ejection seat is fitted to the F/A-18C and the rear cockpit of the F/A-18D aircraft. The SJU-17(V)2/A ejection seat is fitted to the cockpit of the F/A-18D.