Lt. John P. "Jake" Smith
Martin-Baker Tie Club ejectee No. 107

On Monday 5th December 1955  the Westland Wyvern from 830 Sqn flown by Lieutenant Smith experienced Engine problems while carrying out dummy dives. When the aircraft became uncontrollable he had little choice but to eject which he successfully did using a Martin-Baker ejection seat. The aircraft crashed near Winchester
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". . . He was on the dummy weapons range at Worthy Down when his engine failed. He ejected safely and the aircraft made a perfect belly landing in a field having crossed a main highway missing every vehicle by the grace of God! When the Accident Investigators stripped the engine down, they found a Petty Officer's jacket brass button lodged in the compressor section. There's a tale put around by the formed Squadron AEO, that the foreign object found in the engine was a pair of Wren's black knickers!!!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! What happened to the Wren, was she digested by the engine????!!!!!"
M. D.

Royal Navy
Fleet Air Arm

HMS Eagle

830 Sqn

Westland Wyvern

Monday 5th December 1955