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56R Sqn

Tornado F.3

ZE862 / AB

10th January 1996

 Pilot -


Navigator - Ian Weaver












Before and After


My name is Ian Weaver and I was the navigator in ZE862. I was command ejected by the pilot within a second of the collision and the aircraft roll rate was already off the clock; in excess of 333 degrees per second.

I was rendered unconcious immediately and have no recollection of the event or indeed the next couple of weeks. I suffered a broken neck at C1/C2, a frontal lobe brain injury, smashed shoulder and severe chest injuries. I spent the next year in and out of hospital and then another year at home recovering. I now teach in the RAF Tornado F3 simulator

 I still feel the effects of the accident however it is a great testament to the Martin Baker Mk 10a seat that I am here today to talk about it.

 The other 3 crewmen all went back to flying duties though the other navigator did receive compression fractures to the spine.



                                                                      photo via Ian Weaver
Ian Weaver




in email 6th March 2007