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crashed crew photo seat
20th January 1954
Sea Hawk ????     K. Gregson ejected DETAILS ???? Martin-Baker
7th February 1954
Sea Hawk F.1 WF171 '168'. ?? 806 Sqdn off HMS Eagle   Lt. Monsell ejected   Martin-Baker
22nd July 1954
Sea Hawk F.1 WF207
'189' ?
804 Sqdn crashed near Lossiemouth S/Lt. G. Foster ejected   Martin-Baker
28th September 1954
Sea Hawk F.1 WF223 738 Sqdn

collided with WM909 28.9.54 at

Lt. Cdr. N. J. P. Mills ejected 20,000 ft   Martin-Baker

12  oct  1954  



FF Baginton 19.12.53; Deld AHU Stretton 18.1.54; 738 Sqn Lossiemouth by 26.7.54; Whilst parked, hit by taxying WF226 17.9.54; On approach, nose‑dived into trees downwind of runway, Arthurs Bridge, nr airfield, near Milltown, explosion before hitting ground, set heather on fire blocking the road, Cat ZZ 12.10.54 (Lt I. G. A. Douglas killed)

12th October  1954
Sea Hawk F.1   738 Sqdn at Lossiemouth crashed on approach to Lossiemouth, 12 miles out Lt. Mills ejected 18,000 ft   Martin-BakerMk.2D
26th November 1954
Sea Hawk F.1


767 Sqdn at Stretton hit the ground in a dive, near the Manchester Ship Canal at West Arberton pilot Hadnutt ejected too late and was killed   Martin-Baker
13th March 1955
Sea Hawk FGA4 WV866
806 Sqdn ?? During CAP duties the aircraft rolled out of control S. Lt. M. Cahill ejected and rescued by a Whirlwind helicopter check serial Martin-Baker
FLIGHT 30th December 1955
p. 983


p. 106

THE Queen's Commendation has been

Awarded posthumously to Lieutenant Martin Warren Winfield, R.N., of No. 806 Sqn., F.A.A., who lost his life at Kingston Gorse, Sussex, after his Sea Hawk suffered engine failure. Lt. Winfield, realizing that he would be unable to make an emergency landing at Ford, headed towards the coast. He remained with his aircraft until it had cleared a built-up area and people on the beach, and then ejected at 100ft. He subsequently died from his injuries.

COMMENDATION POSTHUMOUS  to Lieutenant Martin Warren Winfield,
Royal Navy, No. 806 R.N. Air Squadron.

Operating from the R.N. Air Station at Ford, near Arundel, 24-years-old Lieutenant Winfield was piloting a Seahawk aircraft in a test flight when his engine failed at 8,600 feet. Realising that he would be unable to make an emergency landing at Ford, he directed his aircraft to the coast with the intention of baling out over the sea. He lost height rapidly, passed over a built-up area on the coast and crashed into the sea five hundred yards from shore at Kingston Gorse, Rustington. He operated his ejector seat at one hundred feet when he had cleared the built-up area and holiday makers on the beach, and subsequently died from his injuries.

It is considered that Lieutenant Winfield, whose home was at Beckington, near Bath, remained in his aircraft and delayed his ejection until he was certain that heavy loss of life and damage to property had been avoided and in so doing sacrificed his life.

It is relevant to recall the statement of the Coroner at the inquest on Lieutenant Winfield: " I am certain that had he chosen to operate the ejector seat earlier, he could have saved himself. That might have meant a calamity in the Kingston Gorse neighbourhood. To avoid the possibility of it, he sacrificed himself for those people and died gallantly and in the best and highest traditions of the Service to which he belonged."



27th January 1956
Sea Hawk FGA4 WV849 '121' 800 Sqdn HMS Ark Royal Lost in deep water off Malta after crashing into the sea after take‑off from HMS Ark Royal. Lt. A. R. Campbell ejected   Martin-Baker
9th February 1956
Sea Hawk F2 Can anyone match aircraft to pilots ?
 F2 WF276 / '644' of 738 Sqdn in mid-air collision with  FB3 WF282/'LM/643'
Lt. G. J. Sherman ejected   Martin-Baker
9th February 1956
Sea Hawk FB3 M. W. Hadcock   Martin-Baker
27th April 1956
Sea Hawk F2 WF255 767 Sqn During inverted part of slow roll at 20,000’ ejector seat fell out of SEAHAWK WF255. Seat operated automatically, pilot parachuted to safety. Aircraft disintegrated on ground impact near Pulborough Lt. Cdr. D. B. Ferne ejected Photo to be added Martin-Baker
25th June 1956
Sea Hawk FB3 WM968
897 Sqdn
HMS Eagle
Crashed into Genoa Harbour after running out of fuel during a NATO exercise Cdr. K. A. Leppard ejected Martin-Baker
13th July 1956
Sea Hawk FB3 WM916 '460' 897 Sqdn
HMS Eagle
ditched near Hal Far after a flame out Lt. L. E. Middleton ejected   Martin-Baker
10th August 1956
Sea Hawk FGA6 XE442
810 Sqdn
HMS Bulwark
ditched at sea  due to the undercarriage refusing to lower during a landing attempt at North Front, Gibraltar Lt. M. McCook Weir ejected   Martin-Baker
27th September 1956
Sea Hawk F1 WF156
836 Sqdn
Southern Air Division at Benson
aircraft crashed at North Farm, Berwick, Oxford pilot ejected but sadly was killed   Martin-Baker
4th October  1956
Sea Hawk FGA6 XE405
810 Sqdn at Losslemouth flown off HMS Bulwark. A warning light came on and the aircraft crashed and was wrecked near to Malta Lt. J. D. Bridel ejected   Martin-Baker
5th October  1956 also seen as 15th October 1956
Sea Hawk F3B WM971
HMS Albion fuel tank warning light came on Lt. P. Cardew ejected   Martin-Baker
6th November 1956
Sea Hawk FGA.6 XE377 '195' 897 Sqdn aboard HMS Eagle lost on operations during the Suez campaign around the Port Said area Lt. J. H. Stuart-Jervis ejected   Martin-Baker
30th May 1957
Sea Hawk FGA6 WV869
803 Sqdn at Lossiemouth observed to have some smoke trailing, followed by a full scale blaze, on take‑off from Lossiemouth pilot ejected about half a mile from Lossiemouth



Seahawk May 57 Lossiemouth  WV 869 [ Lt Harrison Air Weapons Instructor - I believe that a piece of perspex blocked the seat barastat unit and he came down in the seat and was killed] Its a long time ago but that was the story.
in email 24th October 2006

14th November 1956
Sea Hawk FGA6 XE375 NAS 897 aboard HMS Eagle Shot down over the road from Port Fuad and Ismailia over enemy territory. Lt. Donald F. Mills ejected and recovered by Whirlwind helicopter Martin-Baker
25th September 1957
Sea Hawk FGA6 WV854
803 Sqdn
HMS Eagle
crashed into the sea Lt. S. Idiens ejected   Martin-Baker
9th December  1957
Sea Hawk
801 Sqdn at Brawdy mid‑air collision with WV803 B. P. Marindin ejected
[see also 28th November  1960]
22nd April 1958
Sea Hawk FB5 WM992
802 Sqdn
HMS Ark Royal
lost at sea R. A. Chandler ejected   Martin-Baker
20th August 1958
Sea Hawk FGA.6 XE379
801 Sqdn at Brawdy

 Ejection seat not properly secured to the cockpit floor, the ejection seat drogue streamed during a catapult launch from HMS Bulwark and the aircraft went into the sea

Details of pilot ?????


Sub Lieutenant John Winslow


photo via former RAN pilot
Sub Lieutenant John Winslow
1st  September 1958
Sea Hawk FGA.6 XE462
800 Sqdn HMS Ark Royal crashed at Blackbushe during SBAC Show practice Lt. R. C. Dimmock ejected   Martin-Baker
8th September 1958
Sea Hawk FGA.6 EE402 '166' 804 Sqdn in HMS Ark Royal Engaged in anti‑EOKA sorties In co‑operation with the Army Air Corps in Cyprus. collided with Sea Venom FAW.21 XG620 '225/A' Lt. T. M. Tuke ejected   Martin-Baker
7th November  1958
Sea Hawk FGA.6 WV840 806 Sqdn '179'
crashed into the Mediterranean Sea Lt. Cdr. G. A. Rowan-Thomson ejected   Martin-Baker
16th October  1959
Sea Hawk FGA.6 XE445
801 Sqdn collision with another Sea Hawk off HMS Centaur J. G. Wood ejected   Martin-Baker
6th September 1960
Sea Hawk FGA.6 XE449 '183' 806 Sqdn aboard HMS Albion lost at sea Lt. M. T. H. Styles ejected   Martin-Baker
24th November  1960
Sea Hawk FGA6 WV839 / '638'  

738 Sqdn -Lossiemouth

collided   during a formation change and crashed into the sea 5 miles off Lossiemouth off the Scottish coast


S. Lt. Gordon Dobbie ejected picked up by SAR helicopter   Martin-Baker
24th November  1960
Sea Hawk FGA6 XE401 / '645/LM' S. Lt. M. L. Soper ejected picked up by SAR helicopter   Martin-Baker
Your question about the midair collision of two Seahawks off RNAS Lossiemouth on 24th November 1960. The leader was Lt. Cdr. Derek Monsell (The CO of 738 Sqdn) and the number two was Lieutenant Martin Howard. Both are still with us at the last coune!
Gordon Dobbie. One of the ejectees. If you need any other details then contact me at the above 'e' mail address
28th November  1960
Sea Hawk
806 Sqdn at Brawdy off HMS Albion  in the Far East into the sea Lt. B. P. Marindin ejected
[see also 9th December  1957]

11th  June 1961

Indian Navy
Sea Hawk IN-161 300 Sqdn Cr in Sea off Brawdy, Isle of Wight Lt A G Jog ejected   Martin-Baker
25th July 1962


Sea Hawk WV919


using call‑sign 'R/T726',

FRU at Hurn touch‑down accident - Crashed into Bristol Channel off Weston Super Mare


Mr. A. Rhodes   Martin-Baker
6th January 1964
1600 Hrs

Indian Navy
Sea Hawk IN-162 300 Sqdn
Santa Cruz
Crashed on take off Lt D K Yadav ejected   Martin-Baker
2nd January 1965
Indian Navy
Sea Hawk   300 Sqdn   S./LT A. D. Bansod ejected   Martin-Baker
8th April 1965
Sea Hawk FGA6 XE374
crashed into Lake Nam at Bonnach Lt. Cdr. M. W. M. Barron ejected   Martin-Baker
12th November  1965
Sea Hawk FGA6 XE459/030 Airwork
Crashed near Hawley Lake (near Cove) Hampshire Mr. J. Mullins ejected
29th March 1966
Indian Navy
Sea Hawk   300 Sqdn   Lt. Yashwant  M. Bhide ejected   Martin-Baker
  The story is about Lieutenant Yashwant Bhide who was then with the 300 Squadron. During an exercise his Seahawk got into trouble off Bombay and he had to eject before the aircraft crashed. He spent a whole day and part of the night in the water and was eventually rescued by a fisherman and brought ashore at Versova. Hastening to reassure his parents then living in Bombay-his father had retired from the ICS and was the Chairman of the Bank or an Insurance Company I believe - he called from a public telephone and told his rather who had come to the phone that he was all right but that the aircraft was a total write-off. His father is reported to have said, 'Your mother and I are happy to have you back; but tell me, was the plane insured or do I have to pay for it?'
27th September 1966
Indian Navy
Sea Hawk   300 Sqdn   Lt. A. Sinha ejected   Martin-Baker
20th August 1969
Indian Navy
Sea Hawk FGA6 IN-189

300 Sqdn flame out during appr to Vikrant Lt. Kanjilal ejected


4th February 1971
Indian Navy
Sea Hawk   300 Sqdn   Lt. M. Bhada ejected   Martin-Baker
21st July 1971
Indian Navy
Sea Hawk   300 Sqdn   Lt. T. K. Pal ejected   Martin-Baker
28th April 1972
Indian Navy
Sea Hawk   300 Sqdn   Lt. V.K.Bhatnagar ejected   Martin-Baker
23rd September 1972
Indian Navy
Sea Hawk   300 Sqdn   Lt. S. Mehta ejected   Martin-Baker
17th December  1974
Ind N
Sea Hawk   300 Sqdn   Lt. S. Singh ejected   Martin-Baker
4th March 1976
Indian Navy
Sea Hawk IN-241 300 Sqdn Rolled off deck of INS Vikrant. Pt Ejected U/W Cdr Peter A. Debrass ejected underwater and picked up by the SAR Helicopter   Martin-Baker
  An Indian Navy pilot, Commander Peter Debras, accomplished an extraordinary feat on 4 March 1976, when the VIKRANT's catapult malfunctioned and his Sea Hawk splashed down and sank in front of the carrier. The vessel then steamed directly over the top of the aircraft, and Debras cooly waited until it had passed over before ejecting and being rescued. It was the world's deepest successful ejection.


I thought I had more on this, but Paul Jackson's 'German Military
Aviation 1956-1976' only has one match in the Sea Hawk listings.

>14th June 1961  Sea Hawk MFG1

c/n 6672 VB+123 (no circumstances given) - this was a Sea Hawk Mk.100
(as were all the first 34 of the 68 ordered by Germany.)

Compared to the treatment of other types, the book is surprisingly
thin on fates for the Sea Hawks - aside from a few scrappings, the
only other losses noted are for c/n 6670 / VB+120 on 17 Dec 63 and
c/n 6706 / RB+362 date unlisted.

(Quick trivia note - the German examples were all from AW production
- If I remember right, at a very early stage, Hawker passed over the
production line to the sister company so they could concentrate on
Hunters.  To the pedant, the last 'Hawker' Sea Hawk is the 35th F.1.)


3rd February
March 1958

German Navy
Sea Hawk F100/1?   MFG1   Fhr zur See Cetto + DID PILOT EJECT ??  
4th August 1958
German Navy
Sea Hawk   Husum  


im Tiefflug berührt

High voltage transmission line in the low-altitude flight   nr Husum (West Germany)

Leutnant zur See Witter + DID PILOT EJECT ??  
8th December 1958
German Navy
Sea Hawk F.100 VA+226
c/n 6659
MFG1 hit obstacles while flying very low over Husum Air Force Base which was under construction, crashed at Ahrenviöl NE of Husum Lt.zur See Walter Witter killed DID PILOT EJECT ???  
14th January 1959
German Navy
Sea Hawk F.100 VA+231
c/n 6664
MFG1 lost control on IFR approach to home base Schleswig, crashed at Lottorf S of Schleswig, fatal accident over Schleswig-Jagel (West Germany) O.Leutnant zur See Horst  Rademacher killed DID PILOT EJECT ??  
21st April 1959
German Navy
Sea Hawk F.100 VA+233
c/n 6666
  unspecified accident, but was repaired, finally went to Indian Navy as IN234 in 1966/67   DID PILOT EJECT ???  
11th December 1959
German Navy
Sea Hawk F.100 VA+227
c/n 6660
overstressed in a flying manoeuvre,
stored until struck off charge in 1963 and broken up
February 1960
German Navy
Sea Hawk F.100   MFG1     DID PILOT EJECT ???  
22nd February 1960
German Navy
Sea Hawk F.100 VA+222
c/n 6655
  suffered engine failure after take-off from home base Schleswig, crashed at Owschlag S of Schleswig Kpt. Lt. Lothar Riemer killed due to malfunction of ejection seat+(reportedly catapulted out of aircraft with seat but parachute failed)



21st April 1960
German Navy
Sea Hawk F.100 VB+123
c/n 6673
MFG2 he initiated a last second ejection before passing out.. Pilot Hit water while turning after air-water missile shooting on a sea target on Todendorf-Putlos sea range in Baltic Sea Olt.zur See Kurt Hirsch
unsuccessful last moment ejection He finally died from his injuries while still  in the water.
  Further information and correction of the pilot's name thank to Olt.zur See Hirsch's son, Jan-Pieter Hirsch (Kapitänleutnant GNY , retired ,
11th May 1960
German Navy
Sea Hawk F.100 VB+124 c/n 6674 2.MFGp suffered a belly landing, repaired   DID PILOT EJECT ???  
14th June 1961
German Navy
Sea Hawk F.100 VA+224
c/n 6657
Ground contact in the low-altitude flight while turning steeply Leutnant zur See  Lothar Klütsch  + DID PILOT EJECT ??  
28th May 1962
German Navy
Sea Hawk F.101 RB+375
c/n 6719
1.MFGp no details known, apparently repaired and fitted with Sidewinder air-to-air missiles 4.63, finally b/u 65   DID PILOT EJECT ???  
13th July 1962
German Navy
Sea Hawk F.101 RB+362
c/n 6706
Schleswig-Jagel (West Germany)
Zwischenfall bei Hakenfangübung auf dem Fliegerhorst (air base) Jagel, Lfz ausgebrannt (burned out), Pilot unverletzt

incident during hook catch exercise on the air base Jagel.
vVeered off the runway at home base Schleswig-Jagel (West Germany) while testing the Kettenfanganlage on landing (arrester gear developed by the German Navy itself), aircraft badly damaged [burned out], stored and broken up 1965,

Olt.zur See Reinhold Kiermayr unhurt


also seen as O.Leutnant zur See  Kirmar killed

24th July 1962
German Navy
Sea Hawk F.101 RB+249
c/n 6696
2.MFGp no details known, finally b/u 65   DID PILOT EJECT ???  
18th August 1962
German Navy
Sea Hawk F.101 RB+364
c/n 6708
2.MFGp Shot on near Eisenach, East Germany and badly damaged, ended in emergency belly landing at Ahlhorn Luftwaffe air base, not repaired      
  18.08.62 Sea Hawk F.101  of  was , b/u 1965 (exact details of the incident can be found in the internet, I have seen it, but homepage not noted, try Google via "Eisenach Sea Hawk" or Eisenach-Kindel airfield links).

The Sea Hawk F.101 of the Federal Navy, with the military characteristic RB+364 (factory serial number 6708), had participated in an exercise with the aircraft carrier “Saratoga” in the Atlantic. The airplane belonged to the MFG-1, group of naval pilots of 2, in Schleswig Jagel. On 18 August 1962 in Gibraltar and flies against 13.20 o'clock starts it with three auxiliary tanks and an external container for reconnaissance equipments at the four wing stations with iron oh into 11.000 m height into the GDR. The machine, placed with which pilot captain second lieutenant Winkler, in the air space of the GDR of a MiG-21, fired at and substantially damaged.

After the bombardment succeeds captain second lieutenant Winkler GDR air space too abandoned and the avowed its air state of distress (“Mayday”). On demand of the soil it granted, the airplane is apparent airworthy still fully. Therefore from a forced landing on the nearest German Federal Armed Forces airfield Fritzlar was refrained. On the part of the group of naval pilots it had been made clear to the fighter controller in the ground station by telephone that it was most meaningful to fly to Bremen where Focke Wulf is resident as maintenance enterprise for the Sea Hawk. The pilot would have had the last power of decision, however the command situation bent themselves.

In the final approach in Bremen it stated that the chassis could be driven out neither hydraulically, electrically still with crank handle. It was too strongly damaged by the bombardment. In order not to bring the civilian flying operation in Bremen by an airplane averaged on the runway for many hours to succumbing, the pilot was arranged to the touch-and-go and to the belly landing in close convenient Ahlhorn, where the total damage appeared smallest.

The belly landing in Ahlhorn ran mild. The airplane had however on the Landweg to Focke Wulf to Bremen to be brought and 1965 with other suffered average Sea Hawks to be scrapped. Captain second lieutenant Winkler deceased some years later with an airplane disaster.

Already briefly forwards or during the forced landing some “important people” arrived on the Air Force air base, which carried neither uniforms of the navy nor the Air Force, but had much “to say”. The Seahawk was spent immediately after the Crash into a hangar. The reconnaissance pod was white painted (?) and removes separately.


The history of the RB+364 was not however yet to end:
Their remainders were invited at the end of of June 1966 into Nordenham Einswarden into the freighter ms Billetal of the Gerhard George Mertins from Heisterbacherro belonging company Merex AG. Goal port was Neapel. The ship headed for however directly the Suez channel and arrived to 23.07.1966 at Cochin/India. The remnants had been sold with the still useful parts of the others formerly 34 - in the year 1958 for the FRG of armed forces purchased - Sea Hawk to 23.06.1966 by the Federal utilization agency Vebeg to the Indian navy.

The sales, in particular the still 27 complete Sea Hawks for India, provided later for a scandal. The Sea of the German Federal Republic Hawks fought on Indian side in the war Indian-of Pakistan against Sabre jets of the German Federal Republic, which fought on side of Pakistan. Mr. Mertins got a term of imprisonment of several years, because of offence against the war weapon control law. Its letting, the whole Deal in is contrived by the Federal Information Service (Federal Intelligence Service), it only executing aide was, it before court was not believed.  The last Indian Sea Hawk was deactivated 1976.


27th September 1962
German Navy
Sea Hawk F.100 6678 MFG2 collided with F.100 c/n 6671 of same unit when both aircraft tried to form a formation. 6678  crashed at Dörpstedt W of Schleswig-Jagel (West Germany) Kapitänleutnant  zur See Lothar Krull killed DID PILOT EJECT ???  
27th September 1962
German Navy
Sea Hawk F.100 VB+121
c/n 6671
MFG2  collided with F.100 c/n 6678 VB+128 of same unit when both aircraft tried to form a formation . 6671 crashed at Dörpstedt W of Schleswig-Jagel (West Germany) Olt.zur See Heinrich Stocks killed DID PILOT EJECT ???  
12th October 1962
German Navy
Sea Hawk F.100 RB+376
c/n 6720
MFG1 pilot lost orientation after take-off in bad weather from home base Schleswig, crashed at Geltorf (Kropp?) S of Schleswig-Jagel (West Germany) Hans-Jörg Sander killed  DID PILOT EJECT ??  
14th June 1963
German Navy
Sea Hawk F-101   VB+122
c/n 6672
MFG1  collided with water in North Sea on a  weapons instruction sortie from Lossiemouth,  east of the Scottish Coast Gp Kapitän-Leutnant  zur See Karl-Heinz Lange killed NO EJECTION  

I was at Lossie from Jan 63 to Sept 64 and in that period we had a group of German Sea Hawks over for a shortish training session. When they arrived we showed them the local area in a lead sortie and then sent them off for a solo recce. The CO failed to return having performed low-level aeros over a fishing boat off Buckie which was not part of his briefing and which ended with him and his aircraft hitting the sea. No ejection and not too much found apart from his bonedome and some of the Hawk wing tank.
Apparently he was the "n"th CO to spear in low level in the previous few years. Reasons? Who knows for sure but there were a number of probable guesses?
in reply from PPRuNe 27th November 2006

17th December 1963
German Navy
Sea Hawk F-101 VB+120 c/n  6670 MFG1
Schleswig-Jagel (West Germany)

Absturz bei RADAR-Anflug

auf den Fliegerhorst Jagel


Crash  nr Geltorf pilot lost orientation during IFR approachto home base Schleswig in bad weather, crashed at Geltorf S of Schleswig, West Germany

O. Leutnant zur See  Jens Töpert [MFG1]+ any ejection attempt ??  
9th June 1964
German Navy
Sea Hawk F.100
c/n 6714
MFG2 lost control after formation take-off from Nordholz due to left wing not arrested, destroyed by fire after impact Olt.zur See Wolfgang Engelmann unhurt DID PILOT EJECT ???  
18th July 1964
German Navy
Sea Hawk F.100     no details DID PILOT EJECT ???    
6th August 1964
German Navy
Sea Hawk F.100     no details DID PILOT EJECT ???    
6th November 1957
Dutch Navy
Koninklijke Marine
Sea Hawk FGA50/6-53  6637     XL309
MLD Crashed near Oud-Beyerland (NL)

crashed into Indian Ocean ????????



DID PILOT EJECT ??? Not certain of facts for this aircraft
30th September 1959
Dutch Navy
Koninklijke Marine
Sea Hawk FGA50/6-61


MLD  Crashed 35m west of  Kijkduin (NL)

crashed after take off from HMS Karel Doorman

(Killed) DID PILOT EJECT ???  
8th July 1960
Dutch Navy
Koninklijke Marine
Sea Hawk FGA50/126   


 MLD Fell over the side of the carrier Karel Doorman off Freemantle West. Australia.

crashed into sea near Katwyk

9th March 1962
Dutch Navy
Koninklijke Marine
Sea Hawk FGA50/125 


MLD Crashed into North Sea near Katwijk (NL)Valkenburg (Killed)  DID PILOT EJECT ???  

(to be completed)


BARG - Publications during 1984 - 1900
Alan Southcombe
P. V. S. Jagan Mohan
Stefan Goossens
Air Britain Publications
Michael Doust RN
Peter-Michael Gerhardt
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