26 Sqn

Sabre F4


23rd July 1954

2 T.A.F
Flying Officer George Stewart

During a tail chase the pilot overstressed the airframe, engine flamed out and then caught fire a/c
exploded and crashed four miles from Hede, West Germany

Flg. Off. George Stewart (23)
ejected but did not undo the seat straps before
pulling the ripcord for his parachute and was killed


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is refers to my uncle Flying Officer GEORGE Stewart. Although he was killed (at the age of 23) long before I was born, my family were very proud of his achievements. He joined the RAF at the age of 16 & had experienced much in his very short life.  My grandparents learned of his death over the radio, on a Reuters broadcast.

Roberta McClelland (nee Stewart)
If anyone knew Flg Off Stewart or can add any extra information to the accident please contact Roberta via this web sit