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Air Force

A'cft Unit / Serial


crashed crew photo seat
1st November 1988
Indian A. F.
MiG-23UM     Bhatinda Village Pt BO     KM-1
17th  May 1989
Indian A. F.
MiG-23     Bodakdev Vill Ahmedabad Sqn Ldr Pradeep Singh   KM-1
Date needed

Iraqi A Force
MiG-23     Gulf War - intercepted by two F-16 aircraft and instructed to eject or be shot down Salam Shalaam ejected KM-1
4th  July 1989 KM-1

Soviet Air Force
MiG-23 Training flightEngine Problems - pilot ejected. After the ejection the aircraft continued to fly through East Germany, then West Germany. After 900 km the MiG-23 ran out of fuel and crashed onto a house killed an 18 year old male occupant in the area of Kortrijk city in north west Belgium
  Soviet airbase, Kohlberg, Poland Col. Nikolai Skurigin   ejected over Poland and landed safely with his parachute

"''If I could have foreseen such tragic consequences to this pilotless flight, I would have stayed in the plane to the end.''

?? July 1991
Soviet Air Force
Mikoyan MiG-23 Flogger     Flame-out at 13,000ft, crashed near Yaroslavl, north of Moscow Victor Aleshin, ejected safely at 3,000ft   KM-1
3rd April 1992
Indian A. F.
MiG-23BN   221 Sqdn Engine flame out after firing of cannon. Pukdari Vill Pali dist Jodhpr AFS pt bo Sqn Ldr Dhananjay Khote   KM-1
10th September 1992
Indian A. F.
MiG-23     Atti vill julundur Adampur AFS Fg Offr V S Dagar   KM-1
20th March 1993
Indian A. F.
MiG-23     Aircraft Canopy detached in flight.Charaj ka dani Jodhpur AFS Flt Lt V S Rawat   KM-1
8th September 1993
Indian A. F.
MiG-23BN     Cr near Halwara, Ludhiana Sqn LdrRavindranath Rajagopal*   KM-1
2nd March 1994
1454 hrs

Russian AF
MiG-23 Flogger     engine fail on the outskirts of Kursk, 280 miles south
of Moscowure - fatality on ground where aircraft crashed
Pilot ejected safely
10th March 1994
Romanian AF
MiG-23U Flogger-C 135 93 Regiment engine failure at low-level 8
km from Timisoara military airport
Pilot ejected   KM-1
Other crew member ejected   KM-1
4th August 1994
Russian AF
MiG-23 Flogger     crashed near Rakovski, Bulgaria Pilot ejected   KM-1
9th August 1994
Romanian Air Force
MiG-23 Flogger 01941   crashed 4 km from the Mihail Kogalniceanu
pilot ejected safely   KM-1
13th September 1995  1830h
Hungarian AF
MiG-23UB Flogger 14' Papa Air
Su-22M3 Fitter '16' c/n 51813 from Taszar collided with MiG-23 near Somogymeggyes southwest Hungary Katovics Balázs killed canopy damage to MiG-23 prevented ejection - both crew died  
Mizsei Mihály killed  
26th December 1995
Indian A. F.
MiG-23BN     The two MiGs crashed in Hoshiarpur District. The Collision occurred over Painsra Village nearl Malhapur Police station pilot ejected   KM-1
26th December 1995
Indian A. F.
MiG-23UM     The two MiGs crashed in Hoshiarpur District. The Collision occurred over Painsra Village nearl Malhapur Police station pilot ejected   KM-1
pilot ejected   KM-1
5th June 1996
Indian A. F.
MiG-23     unspecified technical fault and began to lose height on the outskirts of Jodhpur Cr Outskirts of Jodhpur, Rajasthan. pilot ejected safely   KM-1
9th March 1997
Indian A. F.
MiG-23MF     33km from Halwara Human Error     KM-1
8th May 1997
Indian A. F.
MiG-23MF     26km from Halwara Tech Defect     KM-1
9th October 1997
Indian A. F.
MiG-23BN   220 Sqdn 32km from Halwara     KM-1
1st October 1998
Indian A. F.
MiG-23BN   220 Sqdn Cr after TO from Halwara Flt Lt Augustine   KM-1
2nd February 1999
Indian A. F.
MiG-23BN   220 Sqdn TO fr Halwara , Cr Samana Sub Division Fg Offr T R Sahu suffered only minor injuries after getting stuck in a eucalyptus tree after he ejected from the plane   KM-1
26th March 1999
Indian A. F.
MiG-23BN     Cr Halwara TD     KM-1
25th March 2000
Indian A. F.
MiG-23UM     Cr Kargil Sector, ejected   KM-1
ejected   KM-1
25th April 2000
Indian A. F.
MiG-23BN     Bhirdhar vill,Patiala Dist, 0810 Hrs Flt Lt M Raj Kumar*   KM-1
10th May 2000
Indian A. F.
MiG-23     Aitiyan vill, TO fm Halwara 2km Sqn Ldr S S Dalal   KM-1
12th March 2001
Indian A. F.
MiG-23BN SM-261   TO Halwara Cr Sangrur Dist Sqn Ldr M Vishwas   KM-1
5th July 2001
Indian A. F.
MIG-23UM     Cr Thumbali Dani Vill Jodhpur Sqn Ldr Gaikwad    
F/O P P Hudda    
28 August 2001
Indian A. F.
MiG-23BN   HE(A) RSQ       KM-1
21st February 2002
Indian A. F.
MiG-23BN     Pathankot Rs 4.6 Cr Loss     KM-1
15th March 2002
Indian A. F.
MiG-23MF     Cr at Uttarlai -  Bayatu and Sindhari villages Rakesh Sharma   KM-1
26th June 2002
Indian A. F.
MiG-23BN     TO from Halwara Flt Lt Bharat Kumar   KM-1
4th April 2003
Indian A. F.
MiG-23BN Flt Lt Balwinder Singh Gill   KM-1
    Cr in Ludhiana 4 k on ground TO Halwara
7th July 2003
Indian A. F.
MiG-23BN     Cr 1128 - from Halwara - Mianwala Kalai Flt Lt Nikhil Gupta ejected out safely sustained minor bruises.   KM-1
Thursday 21st July 2005

Angolan Air Force
C-424 Lubango, Lubango, Huíla province Major Aniceto Tomás António Cardoso ejected, minor injuries   KM-1

Many More Ejections have been reported - Can anyone help fill the gaps




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