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              India Navy Harrier T.Mk.60

Chronological Listing of Indian  Naval Air Force Harrier Losses & Ejections

Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
4th May 1988
Indian Navy
Sea Harrier FRS.Mk.51 IN-601 300 Sqn Near Goa Sqn Ldr Vinod Mehta killed    
27th June 1988
Indian Navy
Harrier T.Mk.60 IN-652 300 Sqn Chengalpattu dist    
Lt R Sharma
Cdr Sunil K Damle
9th June 1992
Indian Navy
Sea Harrier FRS.Mk.51 IN-619 300 Sqn   Pilot OK    
13th March 1994
Indian Navy
Sea Harrier FRS.Mk.51 IN-605 300 Sqn   Cdr E G Shankar ejected   Martin-Baker
2nd August 1994
Indian Navy
Harrier T.Mk.60 IN653 300 Sqdn
INAS Dabolim
INAS Dabolim     Martin-Baker
Cdr K M Karnik Cdr Rana
9th December 1992
Indian Navy
Sea Harrier FRS.Mk.51 IN-612 300 Sqdn date conflicts Believed to be Lt.SS Negi


9th December 1994
Indian Navy
Sea Harrier FRS.Mk.51   300 Sqn   Lt Negi
FEEDBACK Probably IN617 by then Lt. Galande; a/c subsequently repaired by BAe & refitted by IN
8th February 1996
Indian Navy
Sea Harrier FRS.Mk.51 IN-620 300 Sqdn From Goa - missing during night flying over sea Lt Arun Poonia   Martin-Baker
30th September 1997
Indian Navy
Sea Harrier FRS.Mk.51 IN-611 300 Sqdn About 25 minutes after take-off from Goa/Dabolim at 0755 hours, the pilot, Flt. Lt. Prakash, reported a technical problem but there was then no further contact with the aircraft Lt T S S Prakash   Martin-Baker
23rd November 1998
Indian Navy
Sea Harrier FRS.Mk.51   300 Sqdn Cr in Indian Ocean Pt bo Pilot rescued by British Boater in Indian Ocean NAME ?? Martin-Baker
25th May 2001
Indian Navy
Sea Harrier FRS.Mk.51 IN-610 300 Sqn
INAS Dabolim

Harrier from 300 Sqn crashed at Phadkevam, about six kilometres from Asali in Shristhal-near Canacona

Lt Cdr Vikram Menon ejected

see also Thursday
5th April 2007

24th August 2003
Indian Navy
Lt Shiraz H Azad   Martin-Baker
Harrier FRS 51 IN-615 300 Sqdn Cr in sea near the western state of Goa - tech failure during landing phase
17th  December 2004
Indian Navy
Sea Harrier FRS.Mk.51 IN-604 300 Sqdn
INAS Dabolim
Crashed while hover landing at Dabolim near Vasco-da-Gama Lt Mehta   Martin-Baker
17th May 2005
Indian Navy
Sea Harrier FRS.Mk.51 IN-603 300 Sqn Goa On Ground      
5th December 2005
Indian Navy
Sea Harrier FRS.Mk.51 IN-607 300 Sqn   Lt Cdr H S Pannu killed  

5th April 2007
0850 hrs (IST)

Indian Navy
Sea Harrier  T.Mk.60 IN-651 INAS 552 crashed near Dabholim airport off Goa coast into the Arabian Sea
   photo via Tewari Family
Commander Vikram Menon
Ejected - rescued

[2nd ejection - see also 25th May 2001] 

Lt Commander Saurabh Tewari
Ejected - His body was recovered nine days after the crash
Sunday 9th September 2007
Indian Navy
Sea Harrier FRS.Mk.51 IN-608 300 Sqn
INS Viraat
Crashed  in the Bay of Bengal following loss of power while preparing to land on carrier Lieutenant Commander A. Jain
Monday 24th December 2007
Indian Navy
Sea Harrier FRS.Mk.51 IN-613 300 Sqn
INS Viraat
crashed while landing at the Dabolim Naval Air Station in Goa Pilot  Cdr Janak Bevli ejected   Martin-Baker
      IN-621   went off the runway pilot safe    
FEEDBACK Currently a museum piece


Hi mike

I hope you are doing well.
i was checking up on your website today (i think it has now become a second habit for me to check your site for the details whenever i read about an accident) I found some some details that were new to me.
Can you confirm the details of this accident?
16th February 2007   Jaguar IS 167 16 Sqn (Cobras) Flight test after an engine mod. Crashed 10 mins after t/o due to an engine fire at Kurmi Village,Gorakhpur
Flt Lt Navneet Raina

This seems to have gone unreported in Indian news media - and I will ahve to add it if the date is correct.
Kevin Serrao's Jaguar accident is missing in your 07 list as well as his photo.
Also saw the poignant note about Ranjeet Damle.  I remember seeing the TV program that showed the pall of smoke. I dont think they captured the actual crash but they did show the smoke cloud over the mountain. I remember reading a couple of articles that made the issue a controversy.  Probably somewhere among my papers in India is a news paper clipping with a photo of that smoke cloud. I will try to locateit the next time I go home.
The other note I found interesting was bout Bharat Mehra.  I had interviewed S/L KD Mehra in 2000 and he told me his son had an ejection but I didnt know the details. Thanks to you I know them now. I believe he left service because of the medical grounding after the accident.
Lastly there is a photo of Cdr Bevlis Sea harrier here taken from the India Today magazine.
Jatin Gandhi, Hindustan Times
Goa, December 25, 2007

Another Sea Harrier of the Indian Navy crashed at Dabolim Air Station in Goa on Monday morning while it was attempting a vertical landing.

The pilot of the aircraft, Cdr Janak Bevli ejected to safety, an Indian Navy officer said.

The crash took place at 11.15 am when the pilot returning from a “routine sortie” was landing, the officer said.

“There has been no loss of any other property or person in the accident. A Board of Inquiry has been ordered to investigate the cause,” the officer said. Sources said that the pilot, Cdr Bevli, is among the most experienced fliers of the aircraft that the navy has. “He was attempting a vertical landing,” an official, who did not wish to be named, revealed.

With Monday’s crash, the total number of Sea Harriers with the navy has come down to 13. Since 1983, seven pilots have died in 17 crashes involving the Sea Harrier. India inducted a fleet of 30 Sea Harriers in 1983, using 25 of these for operational flying and the remaining to train pilots. More than half of the fleet is now gone, lost mostly to routine sorties.

In about the last one year, this is the fourth accident involving a Sea Harrier. The last crash involved another Sea Harrier that went down while trying to land on the Naval carrier INS Viraat during the Malabar naval exercises in the Bay of Bengal.

Another fighter had plunged into the sea in Goa after it took off, killing the pilot. Sea Harrier pilots are considered the cream of naval fliers.


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