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Chronological Listing of Folland Gnat in Indian Air Force Service
Losses & Ejections

Date Air Force A'cft Unit - Serial


crashed crew photo seat
24th February 1960
Indian A. F.
Gnat IE-1069 AATU Pilot Ejected at 12000 ft - Kanpur Flt Lt Padmanabha Ashoka   Folland
19th March 1960
Indian A. F.
Gnat IE-1070 23 Sqdn Engine failure Pilot ejected near Kanpur Sqn Ldr S Raghavendran   Folland
4th June 1960
Indian A. F.
Gnat IE-1063 AATU Engine Flame Out Sqn Ldr A Sudhakaran
Late Ejection - killed
8th September 1961
Indian A. F.
Gnat IE-1111     Pilot Ejected   Folland
19th June 1962
Indian A. F.
Gnat IE 1200 ASTE B'lore Sqn Ldr. Jagat Lowe   Folland

I refer to the feedback in your site: relating to Sqn. Ldr. Jagat Lowe by Mayampurath  Jayamohan.  I would like to mail him and learn more about the fatal accident.  The date of the crash should be corrected as 19th June 1962. 

Sanjeev Lowe

18th  May 1963
Indian A. F.
Gnat IE-1108         Folland
7th September 1964
Indian A. F.
Gnat IN-162 23 Sqdn TO from Santa Cruz - Pilot Ejected 1600 Hrs     Folland
12th April 1965
India A. F.
Gnat Mk.1 E-1204 2 Sqdn Ac overshot runway Flight Lieutenant P. Singh   Folland
19th September 1965
Indian A. F.
Gnat   9 Sqdn Shotdown by F-86 near Lahore in combat by Saiful Azam (PAF) Fg Offr Vijay Mayadev ejected became a POW.   Folland
13th September 1965
Indian A. F.
Gnat Mk.1   2 Sqn SD by Flt Lt Yusuf Khan,  F-86 Flt Lt A N  Kale   Folland
1st January 1967
Indian A. F.
Gnat   ASTE Srinagar Flt Lt A S Lamba   Folland
1st June 1967
Indian A. F.
Gnat   24 Sqdn Flame out after TO from Kalaikunda Flt Lt P C Prasad   Folland
26th October 1967
Indian A. F.
Gnat     Eng Flame out during practice dogfight pkt Flt Lt Satwant Singh   Folland
17th  January 1970
Indian A. F.
Gnat IE-1202   ejected safely after malfunctions Flt Lt K De   Folland
14th December 1971
Indian A. F.
Gnat E-257 18 Sqdn SD by F-86 Srinagar 0750 Hrs Fg Offr Nirmal Jit Singh Sekhon   Folland
21st October 1972 
Gnat Mk I E-304 No. 21 Squadron Ran out of gas -engine flamed out
Gorakhpur (UP) India
Flt Lt George K Naliyan
ejected safely near the airfield

 [personal testimony]

12th May 1975
Gnat Mk I   Hindon Airbase Crash during take off Flt Lt Harmohinder Singh Billing
Died from injuries on the 14th May 1975
26th February 1986
Indian A. F.
Ajeet   2 Sqdn Engine Flameout DDK Range Air Cmde T K Sen   Martin-Baker
9th January 1987
Indian A. F.
Ajeet   2 Sqdn DNE Ac Rolling to right on finals -Ejt KKD Fg OffrR Radhish   Martin-Baker
1st March 1988
Indian A. F.
Ajeet   2 Sqdn Engine Flamed out Fg Offr T J A Khan   Martin-Baker
15th April 1989
Indian A. F.
Ajeet   2 Sqdn I NAVY Cr  L  a/c in unpopulated area Got SC Lt Uday Kumar Sondhi   Martin-Baker


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Red Roberts,
HAL Test Pilot Das (?)

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Sub:-Ejection history of Folland Gnat

            Ref:- HAL Test Pilot Das - Feed back request


 Group Captain. S Das was chief test pilot of HAL,Bangalore. He was promoted to corporate level (non-flying) and was on the verge of assuming office, when he decided to do a test flight.

The flight was in a prototype Marut Mk 1(R), BD-886 (HF-24,designed by Dr.KurtTank) fitted with a clam type canopy on Jan 09 1970. The entire fleet of HF-24s had sliding type hood.  

This was the 32nd production version.


The sequence of events of the fatal crash is as follows:-

       1. On T/O after V1 the canopy swung open but remained hinged, virtually like a airbrake. My colleague Mr.C K Chandramohan vouches this, as he was at runway 09 marker '7' on his way back in a jeep after switching on Eureka beacon.

       2. Groupie made a perfect touch down (despite the air brake effect of open hood) with MLG, some 500 feet past the overshoot path. But the NLG landed in a a ditch, telescoping the cockpit and crushing the pilot. There was no fire.

       3. The 'D' cord was out, but ejection sequence was fouled, as the canopy had opened out-of-sequence. He was pulled out from cockpit profusely bleeding.

       4. The cause for inadvertent opening of canopy was not established.

     Gp.Capt. S. Das  is not known to have ejected from a Gnat, at least, not in HAL(1961-1974).


The Gnat in which Sqn. Ldr. Jagat Lowe (not Flt. Lt.) crashed, is IE 1200, the sixteenth production version of HAL in Nov. 1961. Violent pitch oscillations preceded the crash. The flight was a drop tank  test flight after which the aircraft is usually accepted.

    Mayampurath  Jayamohan in email 22nd October 2007



Folland ejectees (individual acknowledgements with biographies)

Ivor "the seat" Davies

Jake McLoughlin

Arthur Harrison

David Lockspieser

Dr David Reader

Russ Sawyer

Gabby Hayes

Folland - Hamble

Derek Collier-Webb

RAF Boscombe Down

IAM - Farnborough



Gordon Hodson

"Dumbo" Willans

Dick Whittington
P. V. S. Jagan Mohan


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