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             AV-8 Harrier in Spanish Naval Service
Losses & Ejections

Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
11th June 1976
Spanish Navy
EAV-8A Matador (Harrier) 008-2 8a Escuadrilla
Whiteman AFB, Missouri, USA
Part of first group of
Harrier pilots who, following their US Navy course were passed into the hands of McDonnell Douglas for conversion training
Pilot Lt. Trujillo , ejected safely following loss of
control during take-off.
28th May 1980
Spanish Navy
EAV-8A Harrier Esc 008-1 VA1-1   >>    
22nd October 1984
Spanish Navy
AV-8S Esc 008 VA.1-8 Crashed at Rota Spain

LT. Jose M. Verdugo ejected

29th July 1986
Spanish Navy
AV-8S     Crashed at Rota Spain

Lt. Luis M. Belizon

18th December 1989
Spanish Navy
EAV-8B-9 Harrier 01-901 Esc 009
23rd January 1990
Spanish Navy
      Crashed at Rota Spain

Lt. Ricardo A. Hernandez

26th November 1993
Spanish Navy
EAV-8B-9 Harrier   Esc 009
13th May 1994
07:40 h

Spanish Navy
EAV-8 Harrier 01-810. VA.1-7 crashed into the Mediterranean Sea off Majorca 6 miles south of Cabrere Isle Pilot ejected   Stencel
19th February 1998
Spanish Navy
EAV-8 Harrier 01-902 VA.2   ??    
12th April 2003
Spanish Navy
EAV-8B Harrier 01-921 VA.1   ??