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Gloster Javelin Mk.1 - Mk.9


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crashed crew photo seat




no ejection
Sqn Ldr William Arthur Waterton AFC (Chief Test Pilot) escaped on ground, returned to burning aircraft to  rescue the  automatic records

Typical publicity of the period

29th June 1952
Gloster Aircraft Co
Gloster Javelin  (P)1 WD804

Moreton Valance  / RAF Boscombe Down

High speed trials at 3,OOOft. Violent flutter was  experienced when flying at 535 knots near Brize Norton. Lost on 99th flight during development work. Landed at RAF Boscombe Down
11th June 1953
Gloster Aircraft Co.
Javelin 5 (P) WD808 Moreton Valance / RAF Boscombe Down entered a  ‘super-stall’ over Blax Bourton, Glos crashed in field at Ashton Court Park near Bristol Lt. Peter G. Lawrence MBE ejected at 400ft agl and landed some 300 yards from the
wreckage in the ejection seat - fatal injuries
Martin-Baker Mk.3J 
Lawrence, delayed his ejection in order to ensure that the aircraft would land on open ground - parachute was unable to open in time - fatal










Prototype and early versions of the Javelin were fitted with the Martin-Baker Mk 2 fully automatic ejection seat.

21 OCTOBER 1954   Javelin FAW.1 XA546 RAE Farnborough (attached to Glosters). Did not recover from low level spin, aircraft crashed 11 minutes after take in the Bristol Channel off Weston­  super‑Mare no ejection
Flt Lt Robert James Ross lost with aircraft. Body not recovered
8th December 1955
Gloster Javelin Mk.1 XA561 M.O.S
Aeroplane & Armament Experimental Establishment (A & AEE), Boscombe Down
Control lost at 45,000ft.  aircraft entered a Bat spin near Rowborough Corner, between
Ryde and Sandown, Isle of Wight
Pilot Sqn. Ldr. A. David Dick ejected from spinning aircraft at 8,000 ft.
FIRST USE OF [Martin-Baker Mk.3]


Martin-Baker Mk.3J 
Feb 1956 Gloster Javelin all-weather fighter enters service with No. 46 Sqn, Odiham
Javelin FAW.1 XA570 46 Sqn
RAF Odiham
 Crashed on GCA approach  no ejection
Pilot Wing Commander Frank Edward Walter BIRCHFIELD OBE AFC killed in crash
no ejection
Navigator Flying Officer Brian CHAMBERS killed in crash
24th August 1956
Gloster Aircraft Co
 Moreton Valence
Gloster Javelin FAW.4 XA644   Mid‑air collision  at a closing speed of 920 knots at 10,000ft over Wotton‑under­  Edge, Gloucestershire when HUNTER F.4 XF980 sliced through the Javelin's  under fuselage. Hunter pilot ejected seriously injured  Mr E. B.Smith (Test Pilot)  involuntarily ejected by collision  seat was damaged and the shroud lines severed and he was killed  on impact with the ground   Martin-Baker Mk.3J 
Flt Lt R. E. Jeffries  (Navigator) involuntarily ejected by collision  sustained minor injuries   Martin-Baker Mk.3J 

Another advert for the  Martin-Baker Mk 2 fully automatic ejection seat


Javelin FAW.4 XA732  74 Sqn
RAF Horsham St Faith
 'you're on fire'
front attachment on one of the "bosom" tanks failed and the tank (full of fuel) began to drag on the ground, the tank burst and caught fire. Aircraft was stopped.
no ejection
Both crew quickly escaped from the aircraft
1 Jul 57
Gloster Aircraft Co
Javelin FAW.2 XA799 Gloster Aircraft Co
 Moreton Valence
Production test flight, crashed on landing due to  incorrect assembly of the  undercarriage lowering mechanism no ejection
Pilot unknown escaped from aircraft - no injuries
Javelin FAW.5 XA642   AWDS During air test after an engine change,  double flame out reported crashed into the sea 10 miles off Skegness no ejection
Pilot Flight Lieutenant Arthur WRIGHT killed in crash
no ejection
Navigator Flight Lieutenant Reginald ASHWORTH killed in crash
11th February 1958
 Javelin FAW4 XA734 23Sqn  Aircraft suffered an engine fire. Crashed near Wymondham, Norfolk Flg. Off. F. Hugh B. Stark ejected

[see also 1st September 1959]

  Martin-Baker Mk.3J 
Flg. Off. Peter Baigent ejected

[see also 1st September 1959]

  Martin-Baker Mk.3J 
26th February 1958
Gloster AC
Javelin FAW7 XH714  A&AEE Crashed in the New Forest, Near Kingston, Hants Pilot Flt Lt  Richard Stephen May was inadvertently ejected at 5,OOOft killed   Martin-Baker Mk.3JT 
Navigator Flying Officer John Vernon M. COATES ejected at 2,OOOft,  was killed   Martin-Baker Mk.3J 
Javelin FAWI   XA625  87 Sqn     RAF Bruggen The aircraft was damaged seriously by a start up fire no ejection    
5th June 1958
Javelin FAW Mk 1 XA 558

87 Sqn  RAF Bruggen

gentle spiral descent, fuel starvation to both engines caused by separate mechanical failures - the starboard engine failed at 6000 feet followed by the port engine during the final stages of the final approach  11 miles south east ofBruggan

PilotFlight Lieutenant James Ernest Breakwell (died) (chute not fully deployed)   Martin-Baker Mk.3J 
Flg. Off. J. J. Jackson   Martin-Baker Mk.3J 
11th July 1958
Javelin Mk 4 XA 751

41 Sqn RAF Wattisham

 Flat spin, crashed 1 1/4 miles north west of RAF Wattisham      
Captain E TAYLOR
ejected outside seat envelope - parachute did not have time to deploy - killed
Flt. Lt.  B. Bedford
ejected at
about  600 feet
Martin-Baker Mk.3J 

Javelin at Wattisham on 11th July 1958.  I witnessed this ejection. The pilot, as I remember, was Capt Earl Taylor USAF on exchange with the RAF. At the end of his exchange he decided to wire the airfield. During a loop the aircraft entered cloud and the aircraft, which had all sorts of angle of attack limitations due to the high-set tailplane, emerged in a flat spin. I saw one seat come out of the aircraft at about 200 feet but with the high rate of descent it didn't look survivable. However the explosion of the aircraft seemed to lift the developing parachute and Brian Bedford survived unhurt. The pilot's seat had, in fact, separated but was outside the parameters. 

“Oscar “ Wild
in email 2007


XA751 Javelin Crash at RAF Wattisham

11 July 1958

As an RAF Firman, I was on duty as the Mk5 Crash Tender Driver on the day of the above crash.
XA751 (my records show it was on 41 Squadron's charge by then), crashed at around midday, and I can vividly remember seeing  the Aircraft going into a flat spin and decending rapidly, I only   remember seeing one ejection seat fire, but by this time I was speeding towards the possible impact site, a field near to Moat Farm, adjacent to the back road from Ringshall to Wattisham village, to  the North of the Airfield.

My Mk5 was the second vehicle to arrive at the crash site (the first was our Crash Land Rover driven by Corporal Horlock), and we immediately attempted to extinguish any fire, thinking one of the crew was still in the wreckage, but I was then advised that the second seat had fired, but too low and the crew member (the pilot), had been killed.

I was put on standby for the "Court of Enquiry" but I was never called.  

Geoff Varley
Now Treasurer of the Royal Air Force & Defence Fire Services Association.
in email 3rd August 2008 


". . . Just discovered your web site and found it very interesting and a "memory jogger"!   REF. JAVELIN  MK 4  XA 751 EJECTION AT RAF WATTISHAM.  I was an Airframe Mechanic on the flight line of 41 Squadron at the time and remember that tragic day.

It is described very well by "Oscar" Wild and Geoff Varley and was such a tragedy because if my fading memory serves me well Capt Taylor and a Major Brown both on exchange from the USAF were due to return to their units in the USA within weeks of the accident occurring.  I like many others of course had assisted both Capt Taylor and Major Brown with the "strapping in" prior to their Daily sorties during our stay with 41Sqdn so the accident was all the more poignant for it.

 Thanks for an interesting and informative site

Jim Downes
in email 4th March 2010 


11th July 1958
 Javelin FAW4 XA725   A  massive explosion and fire occurred after start up no ejection
Flt Lt B. I. Noble
`A' Sqn, A&AEE
[see also]
Javelin FAW1 XA559 87 Sqn     RAF Bruggen severely damaged following an engine explosion during start up no ejection    
 Javelin FAW2 XA779 89 Sqn     RAF Stradishall  aircraft stalled in turn entered a flat spin and crashed into the ground no ejection
Pilot Flight Lieutenant Derek Herbert KENNEY
no ejection
Navigator Flying Officer Gordon Randal LEWIS

I have just found the site - what a memory!

On 19th. September 1958 I observed the Mk5 Javelin go in during their turn at the eastern end of the runway (forget the bearing no.). A most horrifying sight for a young "nasho"; especially as I was the watch radar fitter in the Gilfillan ancpn4 gca unit at the other end of the field.

The website has brought it all back to me vividly - always thought about it - regret the loss so suddenly - the noise and the fireball was stupendous.

Just thought this might be of interest. Quite soon after this I happened to be posted on to RAF Chivenor.


Mick Bright
in email 29th February 2008

20th September 1958
Javelin Mk 5 XA 648 C.F.E.

 recovering from a dive, the aircraft stalled and could not be controlled, crashed 3 miles west south west of Fakenham

 Sqn. Ldr. G. P. Kingston ejected   Martin-Baker Mk.3J 
Nav  Fl/Lt A T Morgan - did he eject ???   Martin-Baker Mk.3J 
 9 OCTOBER 1958
Javelin XH757   `A' Sqn, A&AEE (Detached to Kano, Nigeria for tropical trials). Hydraulic problems, bounced on landing lost part of undercarriage.      
no ejection
Flt Lt B.W.Dodd - OK
no ejection
 Flt Lt J.S.Pudwel - OKl

""I joined 33 Sqdn direct from Halton in 1960 (XH 757,mentioned in the accidents listing, was repaired, and joined 33 as its first Mk 9), but, for family reasons, got an exchange posting to Little Rissington. Twenty months later, volunteered for overseas, got RAF Germany, and joined 5 Sqdn (33 took over the identity of 5 on transfer to Germany) at Geilenkirchen. Was quite surprised to be asked by one of the SNCO's whether I'd "enjoyed my leave"!  Still bear a scar on my shin resulting from contact with a vortex generator when departing over the trailing edge while sweeping snow from the wings during the long 62/63 Winter-------------can't have the airmen standing around idle, can we?

Reason for contacting you was to mention an ejection which is not in your listing. A Mk.9 of No.5 developed a deep stall condition; the Nav. Rad., Flt.  Lt Morley*, I believe, ejected somewhere near Cologne, and having landed safely, started hitch-hiking back to base with his 'chute over his shoulder. His departure from the aircraft occasioned sufficient change of trim for the pilot to recover and return to base. Morley's return took somewhat longer!"

 Phil Stephens
in email 6th November 2008
* Flt Lt. L. P. Morley ejected on 18th October 1963

"""Centre line closure was quite a problem, especially on RAF Germany based aircraft.A "cure" was dreamed up by the engine manufacturers, which resulted in what was colloquially known as the "Sandpaper" Sapphire. This had a coating of a compound known as "Rockide" applied to the surface of the compressor casing, which abraded the blade tips as the rotating clearance reduced. I'm not 100% sure, but I don't believe that the engines on the T3 were given the treatment, as they were a different version.

Incidentally, the aircraft on which I received lacerated shins, XH 897, is the one that flew trials at RAE after service withdrawal, and was resplendent in a Raspberry Ripple colour scheme. It later went to Duxford, and is now back in a representative camouflage finish. I did give it a surreptitious kick when I visited the Museum!"

Phil Stephens
in email 23rd November 2008

22nd December 1958
Javelin  FAW.2  XA778    defect in the control system components, tailplane control  went stiff     Martin-Baker Mk.3J 
Sqn Ldr L.C.Gregory recovered control of the  aircraft and landed successfully navigator Flt Lt A. T. Morgan (Gloster, Moreton Valence) ejected, at 11,500ft at 330  knots struck high tension cables during the  descent causing a bad landing in which he dislocated a wrist and  broke two ribs Martin-Baker Mk.3J 
18th February 1959
Javelin FAW-1 XA569 87 Sqnr RAF Bruggen flying level but with a slight nose up attitude and a little negative 'g' applied with a speed of 0.75 Mach Near Bruggen     Martin-Baker Mk.3J 
Flt. Lt. Richard "Dick"  A. J. Carrey
Flt. Lt. Alec Cooper - ejection seat problems -secondary firing handle safety pin not removed  unsuccessful - fatall Martin-Baker Mk.3J 
Javelin FAW2 XA802 46 Sqn  RAF Sylt Engine explosion on start up no ejections    
Javelin FAW4 XA750 3 Sqn Aircraft stalled and spun into the ground 2 miles north west of Norvenich      
no ejection
 Pilot Flight Lieutenant Wilfred Smith JACQUES
no ejection
 Navigator Flying Officer David Alexander RITCHIE
Javelin FAW4 XA722 72 Sqn  RAF Leconfield damage received after engine failure in flight no ejections )    
9th July 1959
Javelin FAW Mk7 XH750 33 Sqdn RAF Horsham St Faith Caught fire after being struck by lightning 5 miles west of RAF Horsham St. Faith     Martin-Baker Mk.3J 
Pilot  Fl/Lt Jack Buckley ejected Nav Sergeant D. U. Epe ejected Martin-Baker Mk.3J 
31st July 1959
Javelin FAW7 XH789 64 Sqn  RAF Akrotiri emergency landing, starboard  undercarriage leg refused to lower, the aircraft overshot the runway      
no ejection
 Flt Lt Grindley
no ejection
Sgt Steve Sanders
Nav/Radio Observer

May I please correct an entry for Javelin 7 XH789 of 64 Squadron on detachment to Cyprus:
This occurred at RAF Akrotiri at 08:30 on 30 July 1959.

At about 35,000ft, we lost 1 and 2 hydraulic pumps and declared an emergency. Loss of these meant that we had no hydraulic control of the undercarriage, flaps and airbrakes, and half speed use of the major controls. We chose to stay with the aircraft, used the emergency air bottle to lower the undercarriage and cut both engines at touch down. We left the runway at Akrotiri at about 90kts and after a rather bumpy ride, eventually finished up in the under-growth.
The aircraft was cat5 but there was no injury to either of us.
I hope this sets the record straight and I enclose a photo of the outcome of the adventure.
Steve Sanders
in email 14th December 2008
[entry corrected 14th December 2008]

                                                                                                                                                                           photo via Steve Sanders

 19th August 1959


Javelin FAW.8 XH967 `A'  Sqn, A&AEE.

Performance trial, Partial engine failure in flight   safe single‑engine landing made

no ejection
 Flt Lt B J Noble
[see also
11th July 1958]
no ejection
 Flt Lt J Pudwell
[see also
9 OCTOBER 1958]
1st September 1959
 Javelin FAW7 XH775/E 23 Sqn collided with XH781/J of 23 Sqn during night interception near Brundall, Norfolk     Martin-Baker Mk.3J 
Flg. Off. F. H. B. Stark
[see also 11th February 1958]
Flg. Off. P. Baigent
[see also 11th February 1958]
Martin-Baker Mk.3J 

1st September 1959 

Javelin FAW7 XH781/J 23 Sqn mid air collision at night with XH775/E  Brundall Norfolk



no ejection
Pilot Flight Lieutenant Christopher Stamp Tulloch Constable BROOKSBANK - killed

no ejection Navigator Sergeant Graham Anthony John SPRIGGS  killed

29th September 1959
Javelin FAW5 XA662/N 228 OCU Engine Fire near Leeming following double engine failure, crashed 30 miles west of RAF Leeming     Martin-Baker Mk.3J 
Student Pilot  F/O C P Cowper  ejected Navigator Capt R Nietz
[USAF] ejected
Martin-Baker Mk.3J

Slight mistake in the 228 OCU crash in 1959.  Captain Bob Neitz USAF was the navigator and Fg Off Cowper was the (student) pilot.
I think I was the authorising/briefing officer for this flight.  Bob was  almost at the end of his tour as NRL No.3 squadron of the OCU and I took over this post from him.
Wilf Hodgkinson
amended following email 20th March 2008

Javelin FAW7 XH720 33 Sqn  RAF Nicosia    Undercarriage collapsed on landing no ejections (details to be confirmed)    
9th March 1960
Javelin FAW.8 XH988/X

41 Sqdn

Electrical failure, crashed at Carleton, near Carlisle     Martin-Baker 3JS
Sqn. Ldr. R. Lydall ejected at 2,000ft at 250 knots suffered slight injuries Flt. Lt. M.
Gill  ejected at 2,000ft at 250 knots suffered slight injuries
Martin-Baker 3JS
08‑Apr‑60   Javelin FAW4 XA640 3 Sqn    RAF Geilenkirchen West Germany Overshot into a wood after the nosewheel jammed no ejections    
21st May 1960
Javelin Mk 6 XA 823

29 Sqdn

Mid air collision with Javelin XA835, crashed North East of Scarborough  


Martin-Baker Mk.3J 
Fl. Lt. J. S. Wilson ejected  and suffered slight spinal
F. Off. E. Wood ejected  and suffered slight spinal
Martin-Baker Mk.3J
21st May 1960
Javelin Mk 6 XA 835

29 Sqdn

Mid air collision with Javelin XA823 in North Sea, North West of Hartlepoo     Martin-Baker Mk.3J 
 Fl. Lt D. J. Wyborn ejected (2nd ejection) Fl. Lt. J.S. Clark ejected Martin-Baker Mk.3J 
27‑Oct‑60   Javelin XA754     no ejections (details to be confirmed)    
Javelin FAW5 XA706 2280CU RAF Leeming Forced landed after electrical failure no ejections    
Javelin FAW7 XH838 33 Sqn  RAF Middleton St George tyre burst on take off - Undercarriage leg collapsed no ejections    
Javelin FAW4 XA754 72 Sqn  RAF Leconfield Jet pipe split during engine run up no ejections    
Monday 21st November 1960
Gloster Javelin FAW6 XA825

29 Sqn

Flew into side of Bowbeet Hill whilst descending in cloud 4 Miles North East Peebles
photo: Lesley Fleming (Hill)
  Martin-Baker Mk.3JS

Pilot Flight Lieutenant Victor Leslie HILL
no ejection
[needs confirmation]
Navigator Flight Lieutenant John Michael KNIGHT
no ejection
[needs confirmation]
Martin-Baker Mk.3JS

I just found your website whilst searching for articles regarding a Gloster  Javelin crash in November 1960  in the Moorfoot Hills in which the two crew  were killed. I thought you might be interested in a recent post on PPRUNE  which suggests that the accident was the result of an engine malfunction and  that the crew ejected at high speed and low altitude once the a/c had been  directed away from populated areas. The post states that the crew did not  survive the ejection, presumably because the a/c was too low, too fast, or  both, at the time of ejection.

I wonder if the official accident report is publicly available and if so,  where it could be found? Perhaps that would have the correct story?

Best regards,

Colin Dawson
in email 26th January 2007.

- just found your site which has led me to walk over a few graves! I can add some pertinent detail to the 21st November 1960 accident at RAF Leuchars when Vic Hill and John Knight flew into a hill near Peebles.

I was Nav/Rad in the second aircraft of that pair. The Nav/Rad leader on 29 was Sqn Ldr Ted Dexter and he wanted some figures on a max rate descent from (probably) 40,000 ft. Both aircraft were to fly to altitude NE of Leuchars and one was to descend on a southerly heading and the other on - I can't remember!

My aircraft (haven't got my logbook to hand so can't give the pilot) was going to do the southerly descent but for some reason we swapped with Vic Hill and John Knight. The swap regrettably killed them and they flew straight into the ground.

Great website - makes me long for those days!


Brian Wilton (longtime ex Flt.Lt.)
in email 14th July 2007


".   .   .

I hope you don’t mind me contacting you but I have just noticed with interest the comments made by Colin Dawson and Brian Wilten on your website re the accident on 21/11/60 in which Vic Hill and John Knight died.

I am Vic’s sister and it is only recently that the family realised there was such a website as yours – thank you so much for what you have written regarding Vic’s accident.   My mother and father (now deceased) were told that the accident was due to pilot error (apparently this was the norm in those days??)

Vic was from a large family and, unfortunately, only three of us are still alive.   I, being the youngest surviving member (I was only 11 when we lost Vic) – would love to know if there are any official records available (as Colin Dawson hinted at)  which would tell us the truth about the accident – would you know if this is available please?   Many years may have passed but Vic was a well loved and respected member of our family and I feel I owe it to him to get closure for the remaining family.

My family have always visited Vic’s grave in Leuchars as often as possible as we live in Lincolnshire) and my brother and myself plan to visit again this Spring.   I understand that a local RAF museum has been excavating the remains of the aircraft, would you know if this has been completed and the details of the museum.

Thank you for taking the time to read this."

Kind regards

Lesley Fleming (nee Hill)
in email 18th March 2013

Can anyone with details of the aircraft excavation or who knew Vic please contact the web site and I can forward the information to Lesley.


Javelin FAW4 XA752

72 Sqn  RAF Leeming

Barrier raised in error and aircraft struck it no ejections (details to be confirmed)    
Javelin XA813

46 Sqn  RAF Waterbeach

Jet pipe fracture, heat damage no ejections (details to be confirmed)    
Javelin XA803   DETAILS ?? no ejections    
Javelin FAW5 XH692 228 OCU
RAF Leeming
Caught fire on landing no ejections    

3 Jul 61

Javelin FAW.9



Cat 3

no ejections

5th August 1961
 Javelin FAW9 XH791 60 Sqn ferry flight from Waterbeach to Tengah,
. Primary cause was centreline closure of the starboard engine while climbing
through about 33,000 ft
Crashed into jungle near the Ganges Delta, India
    Martin-Baker Mk.3JS
Flt. Lt Edward "Ted" Owens Master Nav  A. "Tony" Melton Martin-Baker Mk.3JS

IIRC, the Nav in XH 791 (the Indian crash) was Tony MELTON, not Mehon. We were called into the Embassy on, I believe, a Sunday, to cover the incident. Some time later, in Northern Burma, we met the Pakistani pilot (and his Grumman Goose) who had alighted on the river (no mean feat!!) to pick him up.
reply to PPRuNe from Cornish Jack 11th November 2006

29th August 1961
Javelin  FAW8 XH971 41 Sqn
RAF Geilenkirchen
up of airframe during formation break - following structural failure
see Feedback below
    Martin-Baker Mk.3JS
Pilot Flt. Lt. John Lawrence Hatch - spontaneous ejection - killed Navigator Flt. Lt. John Charles Patrick Nothall - spontaneous ejection - killed Martin-Baker Mk.3JS



"   .   .   . my own recollections and those of a fellow serviceman are that the Gloster Javelin FAW8 XH971 which crashed at RAF Geilenkirchen on 26th August 1961 did not break up just as a result of structural failure.

I was an airframe fitter on 3 Sqdn at RAF Geilenkirchen and was a passenger on an aircraft towing-tractor up at the Canberra QRA revetments when the two Javelins were flying over the airfield in formation. The Javelin which broke up actually had a slight collision with the surviving Javelin and then began to break up. The port wing spiralled down right above us and actually landed about 3 metres behind the tractor causing the tractor to actually shudder. The starboard wing spiralled on to the married quarters and hit the ground in gardens behind the houses. I saw the navigator's ejector seat flying through the air and ran in the same direction as its trajectory. Whilst running towards the point where the seat hit the ground I actually caught the ejector seat face mask and handle. When I reached the nav he was still sat strapped into the ejector seat with an awful grin on his face exposing his teeth which rapidly changed colour from white to dark grey. He was not breathing and I could do nothing for him. The drogue parachute was partially deployed but still stuck under the nav's body.

I told my squadron commander of these events but I was not called to give my evidence.

There were several other mechanics etc on board the tractor (this was a common practice for ground crew who wished to get around the airfield) who could also have borne witness to this event.

I hope you find this information useful.


Peter Harden
in email 11th November 2011
added 11th November 2011


26th October 1961
Gloster Javelin FAW9 XH906/Q
25 Sqn
RAF Akrotiri
Collision at night over salt flats 2.5 miles north of Akrotiri with Canberra B2 WD995 of 32 Sqd.     Martin-Baker Mk.3JS
N.E.A.F.*  Pilot Flt. Lt John "Johnny" Morris died** from injuries following spontaneous ejection
during ground impact following mid-air collision. Parachute did not have time to deploy

*Near East Air Force
** buried in Dhekelia cemetery

P.O. Navigator Roger H. "Rocks" Lloyd ejected successufully at 500ft
Martin-Baker Mk.3JS

Please follow this link for more details of the mishap

27th November 1961
Javelin FAW9 XH878/R 64 Sqn Hydraulics failed,  controls seized near Waterbeach, Cambs     Martin-Baker Mk.3JS
Sqn. Ldr. Saunders-Davies
Flt. Lt. P. Doughterty ejected Martin-Baker Mk.3JS
9th March 1962
Javelin Mk 9 XH 974 33 Sqn
RAF Wildenrath

Hydraulics failureovershot landing and undercarriage collapsed

 Sqn. Ldr. S. Burrows   Martin-Baker Mk.3JS
09‑Apr‑62   Javelin FAW8 XH977

41Sqn   RAF Gutersloh

Engine explosion on start up no ejections (details to be confirmed)    
13‑Apr‑62   Javelin  FAW9 XH844

64 Sqn  RAF Waterbeach

Engine explosion after start up no ejections (details to be confirmed)


9th May 1962
Javelin FAW9 XH794 33 Sqn
RAF Wildenrath
Hydraulic failure, overshot landing and undercarriage collapsed     Martin-Baker Mk.3JS
Spontaneous firing of the pilot's ejection seat as the aircraft hit
the ground. He received fractured femur and lacerations
The navigator's seat did not fire Martin-Baker Mk.3JS
10‑May‑62   Javelin XA760   DETAILS ??? no ejections (details to be confirmed)    
18th May 1962
Javelin FAW9 XH755/Y 33 Sqn Control was lost in its wake of another Javelin it was formating behind which had reheat on, crashed 7m E Tynemouth Northumberland M. Plt. J. E. Crowther ejected at 10,000ft   Martin-Baker Mk.3JS
Navigator  John Albert FAREY ejected at
15,000 - 17,000ft but never found
  Martin-Baker Mk.3JS
7th June 1962
 Javelin FAW5 XA645/B 5 Sqn
RAF Laarbruch,
port engine caught fire which spread to the whole of the rear of the aircraft. It crashed    4m North-west Wesel
West Germany
Fl. Lt. J. H. Adam ejected at 1,000ft   Martin-Baker Mk.3J
Nav  Fl/Lt C. M.  Pinker ejected at 1,000ft   Martin-Baker Mk.3J
12‑Jul‑62   Javelin FAW8 XJ128

85 Sqn  RAF West Raynham

Engine fire on start up no ejections (details to be confirmed)    
25‑Jul‑62   Javelin Mk 5 XA646

RAF West Raynham 

Engine Fire On Start Up no ejections (details to be confirmed)    
04‑Oct‑62   Javelin Mk 5

 RAF West Raynham

Engine exploded on start up no ejections (details to be confirmed)    
29‑Oct‑62   Javelin Mk 5 XA661

1 Sqn  RAF Geilenkirchen

Engine exploded after start up no ejections (details to be confirmed)


3rd December 1962
Javelin FAW9 XH836/0 60Sqn The starboard engine exploded at 36,000ft. Crashed into the jungle  12m Sr Mersing, Malaya     Martin-Baker Mk.3JS
pilot   W/Cdr Peter Smith
ejected 22,000ft, inverted
co-pilot    S/Ldr  F Jolliffe
ejected at 32,000ft, inverted. It took two days to rescue the navigator.
Martin-Baker Mk.3JS
6th May 1963
Javelin 9 XH884   unintentional spin   Navigator P.0 A. Evans
ejected at 19,000ft, 0-90kts
Martin-Baker Mk.3JS
24‑Jun‑63   Javelin FAW9 XH962

29 Sqn  RAF Nicosia Cyprus

Undercarriage collapsed after swing on take off no ejections (details to be confirmed)


02‑Aug‑63   Javelin FAW8 XH990

41 Sqn  RAF Marham

Undercarriage leg jammed up and aircraft swung off runway no ejections (details to be confirmed)    
11‑Sep‑63   Javelin FAW8 XJ113

41 Sqn  RAF Watflsham

Engine failure on take off and aircraft swung off runway and caught fire

no ejections (details to be confirmed)


17th October 1963
Javelin 9 XH758 5 Sqn in bunt attitude, following
centre line closure of starboard engine
after engine explosion . 2 miles West Zonhoven Germany
Flt. Lt. R. Boulton ejected at 27,000ft, 250kts.   Martin-Baker Mk.3JS
Flt. Lt. L. P. Morley ejected at 27,000ft, 250kts.   Martin-Baker Mk.3JS
05‑Nov‑63   Javelin FAW9 XH765

64 Sqn  Kalaikunda India

Overshot after abandoned take off no ejections (details to be confirmed)    
5th November 1963
 Javelin 3 XH336   Crashed following centre line closure
of both engines,
the ejection was over France during a return

to the UK from Cyprus.
  Martin-Baker Mk.3J 
Flt. Lt. Colin Holman ejected Navigator Flt. Lt. D. E. Berks ejected at 6,000ft, 215kts lost his helmet, was suspended in a tree for one hour Martin-Baker Mk.3J
7th November 1963
Javelin 9 XH871  5 or 11 squadron
Aircraft suffered centreline closure on both engines after a series of unexplainable incidents Pilot details ????? ejected  over Belgium   Martin-Baker Mk.3JS
Navigator Capt. E. F. Murray ejected over Belgium
at 21,000ft, 250-28-kts. with aircraft in spin. Fractured ankle on landing
  Martin-Baker Mk.3JS
20 or 30‑Jan‑64
Javelin FAW9 XH723/R

29 sqn  RAF Nicosia Cyprus     

Engine failure on take off no ejections (details to be confirmed)    
10th February 1964
Javelin FAW9 XH747/B 60 Sqn Singapore Tailplane trimming tab detached. Crashed into sea the off Singapore Flt. Lt. Gordon Sykes ejected at 18,000 ft - 400 kts - injuries   M-B Mk.3JS
Flt. Lt. T. P. Burns ejected at 18,000 ft - 400 kts - injuries
[see also
14th December 1966]
  M-B Mk.3JS

[1] I wish to point out an error in your accident description. It was not the tail plane trim tab that fell off, it was the complete fin rudder and tail plane which became detatched. Also,it was not 400 knots. I know this because I was flying 300 yards behind when it happened. Both Gordon Sykes and Paul Burns were my friends Paul still is, though Gordon died some years ago.

[2] I was to lead a formation of 4 Javelins, but one went u/s .We did our practice interceptions and then the usual tail chase to finish up. Normally as leader, I would have lead the chase, but I wanted some practice at following so became no.3. It was a beautiful  morning and all was going well, smooth and gentle. We were about 17000 ft. in a dive just starting to pull up. I was about 300yds.behind no.2 when I saw some glittering pieces of metal coming from the base of the fin. I started to tell my nav. Paul Rundle but before I could get it out, the whole of the fin and tail plane broke away and disappeared under my nose (too close for comfort). There was no TX. from Gordon and Paul so I flew alongside whilst making the Mayday call. We saw them both eject and were relieved to see the chutes open. I circled them down to sea level and saw the dinghies. It was only later that I found out that Paul was virtually unscathed but Gordon had broken his back on ejection, and would remain paralysed for the rest of his life. Paul would eject again later at Akrotiri on 29Sqn. He was so close to the ground that his chute did not open and he hit the ground still in his seat. It was a miracle he survived, and even more so that he is still gong strong. I will be seeing him at our 60Sqn.RU., 30th.May RAF Shawbury.

Fred Butcher
in emails 14th & 15th May 2008

Javelin T3 XH443/C


Javelin FAW9R XH955/T

60 Sqn  RAF Labuan

Undercarriage collapsed when aircraft swung off runway with burst tyre no ejections (details to be confirmed)    
Javelin FAW9 XH724/F

60 Sqn  RAF Tengah Singapore

Crashed into a monsoon drain after swinging off the runway; caught fire no ejections (details to be confirmed)



Javelin T3 XH436/C          
Javelin FAW9 XH774

29 Sqn  RAF Akrotiri Cyprus

Caught fire after engine failed on take off no ejections (details to be confirmed)    
Javelin GAW9R XH874/H


19th Aug‑64
JavelinT3 XH437/X

23 sqn  RAF Leuchars       

Caught fire during start up and damaged beyond repair no ejections (details to be confirmed)    
Javelin FAW9R XH845/N

23sqn  RAF Leuchars  

Caught fire after engine failure on take off no ejections (details to be confirmed)    
Javelin FAW9 XH833/I

60 Sqn  RAF Butterworth Malaya

compressor failure and fire caused take off to be aborted no ejections (details to be confirmed)    
3rd May 1965
Javelin Mk 9 XH 848 29Sqdn

Navigator's canopy shattered, Aircraft landed OK

Nav Flg. Off.  J. Cooke ejected   Martin-Baker Mk.3JS

This may be of interest.  I was an ‘audio’ witness to the loss of javelin XH848. That day I was walking back to the Sergeants Mess just before lunch (I was an Air Signaller on LXX squadron) when I heard two bangs in rapid succession followed  quickly by a very loud bang as ‘848 landed, I believe, in the bomb dump!  If I remember correctly one of the crew, the pilot I think, escaped virtually uninjured but the Nav. was not so lucky.  The aircraft was rolling rapidly and he hit the ground, fortunately almost horizontally, still in the seat.  He was very seriously injured but then his luck changed.  The duty Whirlwind of 1563 Flight was airborne over Akrotiri and the pilot Sergeant Len Springate saw the accident.  Flying straight to the scene they scooped the chap up and flew him straight to Princess Mary’s(?) Hospital.  I think the Nav. eventually recovered. 
Bob Harriman
in email 8th January 2008

22nd June 1965
Javelin FAW9R XH877/C 64 Sqn Port engine exploded Tawau Sabah, East Malaysia Flt. Lt. P. J. Hart ejected
[see also
24th August 1966]
  Martin-Baker Mk.3JS
Flt. Lt. P. E. "Dinger" Dell ejected   Martin-Baker Mk.3JS


Javelin FAW9  XH911/J

5sqn    Geilenkirchen West Germany

start up fire. damaged aircraft scrapped no ejections (details to be confirmed)    
8th November 1965
Javelin FAW9R XH887/B 64 qn RAF Changi undercarriage failed to lower, ejected 5 miles off RAF Changi


Martin-Baker Mk.3JS
Flt. Lt. Keith E. Fitchew
and rescued
Flt. Lt. Evans
and rescued
Martin-Baker Mk.3JS
8th November 1965
Javelin FAW9R XH959/U 64 Sqn RAF Changi At night, while helping S&R for crew of XH 887, aircraft flew into the sea; 5 miles off RAF Changi      
Flt Lt Peter “Pete” Poppe*
did not eject.

*[2472120 - buried Kranji Military Cemetry, Singapore]

Flt. Lt. Bruce. G. W. “Buster” Unsted
believed himself to have been ejected after impact - underwater -.
Sustained severe back injuries
Martin-Baker Mk.3JS

8th Nov 1965
I was the pilot of the aircraft with undercarriage failure. I saw Peter Poppe fly into the sea whilst in my dinghy waiting to be picked up. Peter did activate the seat but he was not strapped in having started a manual escape. He was drowned. There is a full description of all the events of that night on   .

11th October 1967
I witnessed this accident from my own aircraft. XH788 broke its main spar when the pilot attempted a roll at low level when full of fuel having just flown  past me at high speed. See this as above.

8th February 1968
I was the pilot of XH961. On landing at night the port break malfunctioned causing the aircraft to veer off the runway We hit a storm drain at high speed and wrote off the undercarriage. The aircraft was Cat 5. The navigator was Flt Lt Holmes. Neither of us was injured. See this also as above along with other interesting incidents I was involved in.

K K Fitchew Flt Lt (retired)
in email 4th August 2008

Javelin FAW9 XH749/Q

60 Sqn  RAF Butterworth

Ground looped after tyre burst whilst landing no ejections (details to be confirmed)    
4th April 1966
Javelin FAW.9 XH785/L 60 Squadron RAF Tengah Singapore engine explosion 5 miles north west of Tengah, Singapore Flt. Lt.Ted “Horse”  Rawcliffe   Martin-Baker Mk.3JS
Flt. Lt. Al L. Vasloo   Martin-Baker Mk.3JS
Javelin FAW9 XH717/C

60 Sqn  RAF Butterworth

Fire whilst starting

no ejections (details to be confirmed)


Javelin FAW9R XH890/M

29sq29 Sqn  N'dola Zambia

Undercarriage collapsed no ejections


14th June 1966
Javelin FAW9R XH709/K 64 Sqn Crashed at
New Skudai Estate, Senai, South Johore, Malaysia
Flg. Off. South   Martin-Baker Mk.3JS
Flt. Lt. A. Johnson   Martin-Baker Mk.3JS


Javelin FAW9R XH847/G

29sq  RAF Khormaksar

Damaged beyond repair after swinging off the runway no ejections    


Javelin T Mk3 XH445/Z

64sq  Sqn  RAF Tengah

Swung off the runway and severely damaged after falling into a drain.

no ejections (details to be confirmed)    
24th August 1966
Javelin FAW9R XH876/N 64 Sqn  RAF Tengah Singapore  The throttles closed in the jammed position while down
wind to land at Tengah, Singapore. Aircraft landed in the grounds of Radio
Flt. Lt. Pete J. Hart ejected
[see also
22nd June 1965]
  Martin-Baker Mk.3JS
Flt. Lt. Jim J. Jackson ejected   Martin-Baker Mk.3JS


Javelin FAW9 XH958/N

228OCU RAF Leuchars 

undercarriage jammed, crashed on landing no ejections (details to be confirmed)    
20 or 21‑Oct‑66


Javelin FAW9 XH909/J

228 OCU RAF Leuchars

structurally damaged by overstressing in flight and was declared to be beyond economical repair no ejections (details to be confirmed)    
15th November 1966


Javelin FAW9R XH885/R


  (details to be confirmed)    
14th December 1966
Javelin FAW9R XH848/L 29 Sqn. stalled in the
slipstream of another aircraft while on approach to Akrotiri, Cyprus
Flg. Off. J. W. Pierce   Martin-Baker Mk.3JS
Flt. Lt. T. Paul Burns
[second Javelin ejection, see 10 Feb 64]
  Martin-Baker Mk.3JS


Javelin FAW9 XH800 29 Sqn  RAF Akrotiri Cyprus Crashed on approach no ejections (details to be confirmed)    
30th May 1967
Javelin FAW9 XH708

64 Sqn  Tengah Singapore

Javelin FAW9 XH896 collided with XH708 near RAF  Tengah,
    Martin-Baker Mk.3JS
Flying Officer William Brendan Kay
[New Zealand]
Corporal Kenneth Ashbee "Ken"
Martin-Baker Mk.3JS
30th May 1967
Javelin FAW9 XH896  64 Sqn  Tengah Singapore Javelin FAW9 XH708 collided with  XH896 near RAF  Tengah,
    Martin-Baker Mk.3JS
Flg. Off. P. McKellar
SAC M. Lokanadan
Martin-Baker Mk.3JS


".   .   .   .   I was at Tengah on the day the two 64 Sqdn. Javelins, XH896 & XH707, collided and crashed off Johore Bahru on 30th May 1967.

64 Squadron were being disbanded and they decided to have a mass formation “good bye” flypast and ground crew were given an opportunity to take the nav’s seat as part of the flypast. A reward for a job well done!

Whilst forming up XH896 struck the tail plane of XH707, which disintegrated and the aircraft spun and crashed almost vertically into the jungle in Johore, neither pilot or passenger ejected and sadly, both were killed on impact. XH896 also suffered terminal damage but both pilot and “erk” managed to eject safely. This aircraft crashed into the jungle within half a mile of XH707.

How do I know all this? Well, I was an SNCO on 45 Squadron and was asked to lead a team of hastily gathered airmen to secure and guard the crash sites of both aircraft. It was RAF policy that crash sites could not be visited by anyone connected with the unit to which the aircraft belonged until the investigation was completed.

We were led to the crash site by the fire crew who had attended the sites very quickly after the crashes. They had “made” a path through the jungle/rubber trees with their 6 wheel fire engines. We set up camp near the crash site of XH707, it was just a massive smoking hole in the ground. Both ejection seats had ejected on impact and we could see the remains of the chutes strewn through the surrounding trees. Any remains and the actual seats had been removed by the fire crash crews. By some miracle an Atap hut some 5 feet away from the crash crater was completely unscathed as the blast of the explosion had travelled in the opposite direction, to the relief of the rubber tapper and his family that lived there.

XH896 had belly landed, scything a path through the rubber trees but for some reason it had not burnt out. We found both of the seats nearby.

I was there for a week or so as the crash investigation team had to be ferried in daily by chopper from Singapore. There is more to tell here but that’s for another day.

A sad footnote; When I got back to Tengah I found out that the “passenger” in XH707 was a neighbour, Corporal Kenneth Ashbee who had just got a degree from Singapore University. He was an ex-brat (like me) of the 97 Entry and he gets a mention on their website which also links to this website for details of the crash. 

I am now 75 but have never forgotten the experience or the guys who lost their lives that day. I hope you find my report helpful and informative.


Peter Brooks (Cas)
Ex Brat 77th Entry
in email 18th March 2013




Javelin XH788

60 Sqn RAF Tengah Singapore

on a training sortie from RAF Tengah,  engine failure or structural failure no ejection
 Pilot Flying Officer Gerald Charles (Gerry) BARNARD killed
no ejection
Navigator Flying Officer Howard John Charles (Gus) GEEVE killed

" I was stationed at RAF Tengah on May 30th 1967 and serving on the line with 64 Sqdn on the very night that Javelin XH887/B was evacuated due to the fact that the undercarriage failed to lock in the DOWN position, the crew alighted in the ocean.

 Another Javelin XH959/U was scrambled to assist in the location of the downed crew, this entailed low flying, undercarriage in the lowered position, so that the landing lights would play along the surface of the water, unfortunately this came to an abrupt halt when the aircraft caught the swell of the ocean. I can therefore assure you that both these 64 Sqdn aircraft were based at RAF Tengah not as stated RAF Changi ! 

 I hope this is not regarded as a criticism as it is just a case of setting the record straight."

 Yours faithfully

EX RAF[in email 8th December 2007] - [details amended 8th December 2007]

5th February 1968

                                                                                                                         Crown Copyright
Javelin FAW9 XH961 60 Sqn RAF Selatar, Singapore
also seen given as Tengah, Singapore
On landing the port break malfunctioned causing the aircraft to veer off the runway , hit a storm drain at high speed undercarriage collapsed
Cat 5
Keith Fitchew
egressed on ground
no ejection
[see also 5th August 1954 when I pranged a Sabre]
Flt Lt Holmes
egressed on ground
no ejection



"Interesting to see that I had the dubious distinction of having the last Javelin accident. Incidentally, I also flew the very last Javelin squadron sortie delivering XH777 to Seletar to be scrapped with Sqn Ldr Geoff O'Brien as navigator. I enclose a picture of XH777 taken oddly enough in Turkey on route to Teheran. We got around in those halcyon days."
Best wishes.

Keith Fitchew
in email 9th August 2008


I was serving with 141 Squadron during 1957/58 at RAF Coltishall and was sent to guard a Javelin Mk 4 of 23 Squadron (I think XA734) which had crashed after the turbine blades had shed puncturing the fuel tanks and causing a fire.  Both crew ejected safely although I have no names.

This crash is not mentioned amongst the Javelin ejections so perhaps someone who was serving on 23 Squadron could add further details.

 The other item concerns XA732 at Horsham St Faith which I actually witnessed.  The pilot severely sprained his ankle after jumping from the cockpit onto the taxiway.  The navigator was unhurt.

 Excellent site for a Javelin enthusiast and I do not know how I missed it previously although it is easier to browse now I have broadband.

 Peter McCusker
in email 10th February 2007


photo - Nick Parker
[visit Nick's Ejection Seat Collection site at]

This e-mail is concerned only with your list of ejections from Javelins.  I was an armourer in the RAF for 28 years, mainly (but not solely) concerned with maintenance of ejection seats and, for some of the time, introduction into service of new seats (notably Jaguar, Hawk and Tornado).  I later worked in Martin-Baker's publications department for 15 years.

The purpose of this communication is, however to inform you, in the interests of accuracy, that some of the marks of Martin-Baker ejection seats in the Javelin list are incorrect.  The correct seat marks are as follows:

Javelin Mks 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6: Mk 3J

Javelin Mk T3 front seat: Mk 3JT

Javelin Mk T3 rear seat: Mk 3J

Javelin Mk 7 and later: Mk 3JS


By way of explanation, the Mk 3JS was essentially an improved Mk 3J but the Mk 3JT was a Mk 3J with the barostatic time-release unit (RH side) and drogue gun (LH side) moved down the seat beans about 8 inches.  This was designed to give the instructor in the rear seat improved forward vision in addition to that provided by the periscopes on the cockpit sides.


Alan Lowe
in email 22nd January 2007


I flew Javelins from November 1960 to March 1966 at 228 OCU (Leeming) & on 23 (Coltishall & Leuchars) & 60 (Tengah) Sqns. My fading memory and checking the airframe numbers in my log-books enables me to supply a few incidental details for items listed in your ejection seat/ Javelin data; I hope they are of some interest.  (
these have been included in the above listings)

While I was on 60 Sqn, from November 1963 to March 1966, the only ejections I remember involving our aircraft were those of Gordon Sykes on 10 Feb 64 and Horse Rawcliffe on 04 Apr 66.

I am pretty sure that the accidents listed for 29 Mar 64 (XH 955/T), 03 Apr 64 (XH 724/F), 03 Mar 65 (XH 833/I), 17 Nov 65 (XH 749) & 26 Apr 66 (XH 717) should not be attributed to 60 Sqn.; I certainly never flew any pf these aircraft and I do know that “tail number” T was allocated to XH 766 and we didn’t have a F, instead our XH 846 was marked JF for our boss, Jock Fraser.
  During 1965/66 there was a good deal of exchanging aircraft between ourselves and 64 Sqn, in order to give them all the Mk 9R aircraft when they took over the tasking for the Labuan and Kuching detachments, where the preferred fit was 2 underwing tanks as well as the ventrals so as to extend the range/ endurance for the border combat air patrols.


Unusually for me, I have just had an attack of nostalgia, so Googled 
Javelin and discovered your website - very nice.

One of your contributors says, "I am pretty sure that the accidents 
listed for .....&  26 Apr 66 (XH 717) should not be attributed to 60 

I assure you that XH 717 did indeed belong to 60 Squadron and I flew 
it on April 12 a few days before that particular incident. The 
aircraft belonged to the 60 Sqn detachment at RAAF Butterworth. 
Although we frequently went to Tengah, the Tengah crews only met us 
during their occasional visits to Kuching and Labuan, so knew little 
if anything about us.

You list XH 717 as having a "fire whilst starting". This was such a 
common occurrence that on one occasion an Australian voice on the 
Tannoy announced that, "there is a fire at 60 Sqn dispersal - again".

I have forgotten the date, but shortly after pressing the second 
starter button I remember saying, "That's funny, we're on fire". Two 
seconds later, while I was shutting down the engines and before I had 
a chance to suggest what to do, an aircrew boot landed on my head and 
Paul Woodward, my navigator, ran off the nose of the aircraft, landed 
in a running position and disappeared across the airfield. I was 
laughing so much that I almost forgot the shutdown procedure!

Another fire and another navigator; this one was not so lucky and 
broke his ankle jumping off the wing.

My flying during that period in Malaysia was certainly the most 
interesting, most dangerous and most rewarding I have ever done. So 
many unbelievable stories and so many more incidents than in your 
website. Thank you for bringing back the memories.

Best wishes

in email 27th Septemeber 2007


You record a fire on starting at 
Butterworth on 26 April 1966, to Javelin XH717/C.

From my logbook, I see that I flew this aircraft with Flt Lt Paul 
Woodward, on April 12. Then on April 26 I again flew with Paul in XH910.

I can't remember when it was, but with Paul in the back, I started one 
engine and then the other. I remember saying, "That's odd," and 
hearing Paul reply, "What?" I said, "We're on fire."

With some jobs, things happen fast and certainly quicker than you can 
think as the body goes into auto. This is what probably happened to 
both of us at that moment. As I said the word 'fire', a big flying 
boot trod on my head and Paul ran over my cockpit, along the nose, 
jumped some 10 plus feet to the ground and continued running. I don't 
remember shutting down the engines and doing the fire procedure, but 
evidently I did all that was required. I just remember standing near 
the aircraft, doubled up with laughter.

Paul was quite unhurt, but after another starting fire, navigator Dave 
Reed jumped off the wing and chipped a bone in his ankle.

Best wishes








Hi Mike

 brilliant site - just found it.  This is really feedback about feedback as I was just reading the gentleman's comments on your statistics that included 60sq. They had 26 Javelins on strength at the height of Confrontation in1964 so it was hardly surprising that your correspondent never flew the ones listed.  This would be especially true of XH955/T which crash-landed on 26th March 1964 as it only arrived in the Far East on 30th January 1964.  64sq. arrived at Tengah on 21st September( one flight) and mainly flew  Mk9Rs - most of the aircraft listed are Mk9s.  Your correspondent mentions XH766 as having tail letter T - this was a replacement for Xh955 and was only with the squadron for a few months, being replaced by a Mk9, XH964.

 The aircraft used by the boss, Jock Fraser wasn't an F but a J so it became JF.  It's not surprising to find that there was an aircraft coded F - when you have 26 a/c you might just need all the letters of the alphabet!  All of these accidents happened on the ground and so didn't involve ejections.  They mostly occurred 'up-country' so anyone at Tengah may not have even heard about them. The two ejections that your correspondent mentions were the only ones to take place on 60sq.during his service with them.  My source for the information is the' bible' of the Gloster Javelin by Roger Lindsay, plus "I was there" - in the modest role of a groundcrewman.

in email 22nd November 2006


I was finishing my service with a ground post as Fying Wing Adjutant at Middleton St George in 1961/1962 and I remember the two 33 Squadron losses. Perhaps the most amazing one was at Wildenrath. The squadron was on a detachment to, I think, Geilenkirchen, and on the way out one Javelin suffered hydraulic difficulties and landed at a Netherlands Air Force base, where an RAF team fitted a new actuator. On the way to Geilers the pilot decided to fly a radar approach at Wildenrath and on the go-around had indication of hydraulic pressure loss. An immediate decision was taken to land at Wildenrath and while turning final lost all hydraulic power. The aircraft hit the ground with its wing and started to cartwheel. As the nose crumpled the pilot's ejection seat fired itself and he was found sitting in it a short distance from the wreckage.
As the aircraft continued its roll the navigator's seat fired, but by this time the aircraft was totally inverted and the seat only travelled a short distance before the soft sandy ground stopped it. It took several hours to get the navigator out, but he was present on crutches at my dining-out night the following December. The other loss (18th May 1962 Javelin FAW9 XH755/Y) was very sad as the navigator, as you say, ejected and there were plenty of witnesses in circling aircraft who saw him descend into a cumulus cloud, but that was the last anyone saw of him.
16th November 2006 in PPRuNe Forum reply Malcolm G O Payne18th May 1962 Javelin FAW9 XH755/Y

Incident Aug 1965  64 Sqdn  XH876 throttles jammed on approach, thought to be due to control locks becoming engaged ( control handle on throttle console )

This was Flt Lt Hart`s second ejection in a year ¨!

Incident 8 Nov 1965  64 Sqdn  XH887 had a undercarriage malfunction ( uplock control rod bellcrank had gone over centre, so uplock could not release one of the main legs )    Crew ordered to eject off the coast as it was at night . SAR helicopter scrambled and picked up crew. Shortly afterwards a second Sarbe signal was picked up, and it was realized that another a/c XH959 was overdue . Navigator Flt Lt Unsted was found, but the pilot Flt Lt Poppe ( ? ) was not recovered for a couple of days. Sadly he had not survived. XH959 had hit the sea during a low pass to show the crew of XH887 that rescue was on its way. Flt Lt Unsted only remembered a big bang , then he ejected. It was thought at the time that he may have ejected underwater. XH959 was found by the Royal Navy, pictures showed the radome twisted up and to one side. Recovery was not possible .   

Incident 30 may 1967 64 Sqdn  XH708 collision with XH896 . This incident occurred shortly after takeoff, Ground Crew being given flights shortly before Squadron disbandment . Pilot and passenger of one aircraft ejected , but no attempt to escape from second a/c.( it had impacted with the underside of the first a/c ).

Passenger of the second a/c was a person I knew very well, having served with 64 Squadron from 1958 to 1966, but in 1967 I was at Changi.

I seem to remember that the surviving passenger was a locally enlisted airfield fireman, but 40 years on the memory may not be what it once was.

Best Regards

Graham Fidler






Wg. Cmdr. Derek Collier Webb RAF (retd) +
Flt. Lt Roy Rimington RAF (
Tony Russell (former RAF Gloster Javelin Nav/Rad 1957 - 62 ) for additional information)
Henry de Courcier
Graham Fidler
Malcolm G O Payne
PPRuNe members


(if I inadvertently omit your name from this listing PLEASE let me know to amend the listing)



Sir James Martin by Sarah Sharman
UK Flight Testing Accidents 1940 - 1971 by Derek Collier-Webb
Eject! Eject! by Bryan Philpott
To Fly No More - RAF Aircraft Accidents and Write-Offs 1954-1956 by Colin Cummings
Lost to Service - A summary of R.A.F. Accidents and losses of Personnel 1959 -  1998 by Colin Cummings
South West Wings
- a diary of aviation incidents and accidents in West Somerset and North Devon by Martin R. Sutton
Broken Wings - Post-War Royal Air Force Accidents - by James J. Halley M.B.E.


Testing the Flat Iron by Alan Baxter - Flypast  - February

Aeroplane Monthly
The Aeroplane