F-8D Crusader


3rd November 1965

CVA-41 USS Midway
Lt.jg Victor Riley









          LTJG Vic Riley is welcomed back aboard USS Midway having just ejected from his F-8D Crusader




It is overwhelming the number of people using the escape systems. 

 I have back trouble still today from Martin Baker's 22 g force but I get to sit here and talk about it. 

The seat's performance was flawless.  The explosion occurred while strafing in support of ground troops in IV Corps area of S. Vietnam. I don't know if I sustained damage from the ground fire or if I possibly had a breech block failure of the 20mm cannons on the a/c, possibly jamming a live round over a chambered round.   I have co-ordinates of Lat 10 degrees 24 minutes, longitude 109 degrees 35 minutes for the ejection over USS Midway.


Right. Vic in a more comfortable seat in the ready room aboard USS Midway


"While strafing, I experienced a loud explosion in the cockpit with accompanying vapour which I believe was hydraulic fluid due to the subsequent loss of Utility and PC1 hydraulics and the loss of the back up air charge to extend the gear and wing.  I chose to eject overhead Midway. "


Vic Riley on board USS Midway