USAF 49th Fighter-Bomber Group

Republic F-84 Thunderjet


23rd October 1953

1st Lt. Richard G. Dickerson


Lt. Dickerson was flying  an F-84, Thunderjet  out of an un-named base in South Korea and had been  doing interdiction in North Korea. At that time I believe he was attached to the 49th Fighter-Bomber Group. His plane was numbered FS-417 .  It had a yellow nose at the jet intake and yellow stripes on the tail.

Coming back over the Sea of Japan Lt. Dickerson's  instrument panel lit up like a Christmas tree and he realized he had big problems.  He notified his wing man that he was going to eject. 

So far as I know or could tell he ejected and his wingman watched him. He evidently kicked  free of the ejection seat and his chute opened and we went into the water a few minutes later .  His wingman watched for a couple of passes and then reported him afloat. He radioed his position to Air Rescue and they went out to get him. 

As Lt. Dickerson pulled himself into the basket  he got a severe pain in his back and at that time realized that he was injured. He was taken to his base hospital and then transferred to Japan for further medical care. 

He flew for about three more years but his back continued to bother him.  He went on to serve in Thailand during the Vietnam conflict as a staff maintenance officer. He retired a Lt Col. in 1973.


                                                                William (Bill) G. Kramer, May 2007


   This Biography  was provided, and permission to use it, thanks to the generosity of 1st Lt. Richard G. Dickerson's daughter, and his  cousin,  William (Bill) G. Kramer (USAF 1950-53)

23rd October 1953
Republic F-84 Thunderjet FS-417 49th Fighter-Bomber Group Returning from interdiction in North Korea  technical problems. Crashed into Sea of Japan 1st Lt. Richard G. Dickerson ejected, suffered back injuries. Recovered by Air Rescue.   Republic