United States Navy

Utility Squadron 7
NAAS Brown Field

FJ-4B Fury

 BuNo. 139291

27th March 1961

Lt. Henry Marcus "Hank" Harding Jr


In 1961, 27 year old Lt. Henry Marcus "Hank" Harding Jr was assigned to VU-7 flying the  FJ-4B Fury.

On Monday 27th March 1961 he was flying from Yuma to Brown Field where his Squadron was based. During bad weather his aircraft crashed into the mountain and he was killed.


". . . His plane, BuNo 139291, was an  FJ-4B Fury and crashed on Otay Mtn. just outside San Diego, CA, near Brown Field which was a NAS at that time. The remains of his plane are still on the side of the mountain nearly 50 years later. Part of the reason is that it is on the border with Mexico and heavily patrolled by the Border Patrol. Also the area is full of rattlesnakes. So not too much of the wreckage has been tampered with. I visited the site year before last with Pat Macha. . . "

Marc Harding
in email 29th July 2008


"The official Navy picture when my father, Henry “Hank” Marcus Harding, Jr., received his wings. That’s my mom in the picture, Peggy Harding (at the time… now Peggy Cook)."

                                                                        photo - Harding Family