United States Air Force
116th FIS



Thursday 28th December 1961

Washington Air National Guard
Geiger AFB, WA

Radar Observer:

1st Lt William G. Auvil
Capt Donald R. Repp

". . . My brother, 1st Lt William G. Auvil, of Farmington, WA, was the pilot.  The Radar Observer was Capt Donald R. Repp, of Lacrosse, WA.The ultimate cause was engine failure of one engine shortly before the intended landing at Spokane International Airport, at an altitude too low to recover.  The crew did not eject, although I believe they were about to because the canopy was found a mile or so before the crash site.  The aircraft was assigned to the Air National Guard unit at Geiger AFB, WA. 

LtCol. Bob Auvil

USAF (Ret)
in email 3rd January 2010

                                                           photo via Lt. Col. R. Auvil
1st Lt William G. Auvil