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McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II
All Losses in USAF, USN & USMC Service (Part 10)
(Draft Listing

Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
?? ?? 1981
RF-4B Phantom     crashed near Ely, Nevada     Martin-Baker
Lt. Pete Keenan
Lt. Bill Lauerman
8th January 1981 USAF F-4 Phantom            Martin-Baker
Capt. P. Correia ejected MAJ G.D.Haines ejected Martin-Baker
12th January 1981 USAF F-4 Phantom            Martin-Baker
Capt. G. R. Barnett ejected Capt. E.S.Ford ejected Martin-Baker
12th January 1981 USMC F-4 Phantom       Captain C.F.Toler ejected   Martin-Baker
Tuesday 20th January 1981 USMC   F-4 Phantom  II           Martin-Baker
Lt.COL M. R. Plummer  ejected Lt.COL J. A. Marshall  ejected Martin-Baker
Wednesday 21st January 1981 USAF  F-4J Phantom II Phantom           Martin-Baker
1.Lt. K. S.Callicutt ejected Capt. A. Bready ejected Martin-Baker
RIO initiated command ejection as aircraft departed port side of angled deck. Aircraft continued into the water
24th January 1981 USAF F-4 Phantom        Capt. P. Flannery ejected   Martin-Baker
MAJ D. M. Carson ejected   Martin-Baker
 21st February 1981 USMC F‑4N 153036
MG 10
VMFA‑321, MCAS Yuma, AZ, USA Snakeye exploded beneath aircraft during take‑off crashed on final approach Pilot ejected   Martin-Baker
GIB ejected   Martin-Baker
23rd February 1981 USAF F-4E Phantom  68‑0368
3rd TFW crashed in the Philippines, during bombing run Lt.COL R. T. Swope ejected   Martin-Baker
Capt. J. A. Roy ejected   Martin-Baker
2nd (or 3rd??)March 1981 USAF F-4E 72-1476
52nd TFW crashed Tholey 18 n.miles NW of Zweibrucken, West Germany Capt. K. W. Smith ejected   Martin-Baker
Capt. J. F. Sullivan ejected   Martin-Baker
4th March 1981 USAF Two F-4D's one (66-755/SP) from 401st TFW and one (66-7620/TJ) from 52nd TFW collided
and crashed 75 miles SE of Madrid, Spain. Not sure which aircraft the crew were in
CAP TW. H.Christian ejected   Martin-Baker
Capt. G. A. Loughran ejected   Martin-Baker
15th April 1981 USAF   F-4 Phantom        Capt. M. R. "Ruddy" Dixon ejected Martin-Baker  
Captain Charles G. Sallee ejected
[second ejection]

Just a little additional info on the F-4E crash on 15 Apr 1981.  The aircraft I don't know, but the unit was the 526TFS/86TFW Ramstein AB, FRG.  The 526TFS was deployed to Eglin AFB for WSEP (before the move to Tyndall).  The aircraft (Lead) was shot down with a Aim-9 from his Wingman.  As Leader, this was "Ruddy" Dixon's first trip up the rails.  For Charlie Sallee, his second set of Martin Baker test pilot wings.

I know because I was going through F-4 Weapons School at Nellis at the time.  Our Air-to-Air Instructor and us had somewhat of a laugh about the incident.  A week later, this same instructor and I had orders to the 526TFS at Ramstein - OOPs.  I ended up crewed with "Ruddy" and heard the story several times.  We sat alert (Zulu) and I was often with Charlie and Ruddy.  I won't go into the "Shooters" - that's another story

Charlie Sallee, AKA "Puff & Toot" hurt his back on his previous ejection, an air refueling accident in SE Asia, I believe.  Ruddy had to argue with Charlie - "Charlie, we've gotta eject - we've lost both PC's".  Charlie kept crying "NO"!  His back hurt, he walked hunched over, had cronic back pain, etc etc, and he didn't want to make it worse.  Finally he agreed.  The ejection was more successful than Martin Baker ever knew - a medical miracle as it may be - The second trip up the rails for Charlie fixed his back or undid what the first trip caused. 

Ruddy is alive and well, flies for SWA.  Charlie is alive and well, I guess.


Hope this helps



in email 30th-May-2006

Wednesday 15th April 1981
F-4N Phantom II   Marine Attack Squadron 321
Edwards Air Force Base
Crashed on training mission near Leach Lake, 49 miles east of China Lake Naval Weapons Station, north of the space shuttles landing strip     Martin-Baker
Major John C. McAnnally
1.Lt. Dennis Viera Jr.
30th April 1981
RF-4C Phantom 67-0468
363rd TRW       Martin-Baker
Capt. D. R. Ziegler ejected Capt. R. L. Neese ejected Martin-Baker
12th May 1981 USAF F-4 Phantom           Martin-Baker
22nd May 1981
Phantom II
VMFP-3 Crashed in Nevada desert
Ely, Nevada
Lt. Pete Keenan
Lt. Bill Lauerman
1st June 1981
F-4G Phantom  69-0257
37th TFW Kelso near Edwards AFB, CA      
Lt. Col. Robert "Bob" E. Venkus ejected Capt Craig L. Blackman ejected Martin-Baker Mk.7
Saturday 13th June 1981 USMC   F-4J Phantom  II  155885
VMFAT‑101, MICAS Yuma, AZ, USA Control lost  during touch‑down     Martin-Baker
MAJC. W. Holmes ejected 1.Lt. F. J. Welsh ejected Martin-Baker
RIO initiated command ejection
25th June 1981 US F-4J FMFPAC         Martin-Baker
Capt. K. E. Yowell ejected 1.Lt. D. Williams ejected Martin-Baker
21st July 1981
                                                                                           via Chuck Schmitz
USAF RF-4C Phantom  69‑0375
"Xerox 37C"
26th TRW/38th TRS
Zweibrucken AB, FRG
           Crashed  into Baltic Sea 35 M S of Bornholm, Denmark Capt. N. R. Koeck
CAPT Charles "Chuck"  B. Schmitz ejected
[bio link to be added]
22nd July 1981 USAF F-4 Phantom II        Booth ejected   Martin-Baker
Friday 25th September 1981 USN F-4N Phantom II 151451
AF 113
Navy Reserve
Unable to recover from stall. Crashed near  Brownswood, nr NAS Dallas, TX     Martin-Baker
Lt. Cdr. D. R. Thomas ejected Lt. Cdr.C. T. Springfels ejected Martin-Baker
The pilot initiated sequenced ejection at 5,500 ft. AGL, 12 seconds from time of knock it off!" call."
18th November 1981     160996 / AJ-5 VA-35
CVN-68 / USS Nimitz
crashed into the sea of  after undercarriage
collapse during a boltered night landing
ejected ejected Martin-Baker
18th December 1981 USAF McDonnell-Douglas F-4E Phantom II   Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, Goldsboro Crashed off Wilmington, into the Atlantic Ocean     Martin-Baker
LT Michael A. Mattson
search suspended Friday 1st January 1982
LT Thomas W. Tiller
rescued from life raft 6 days later

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