United States Air Force 559 TFS,12 TFW

McDonnell-Douglas F-4C Phantom II


Sunday 19th November 1967

Cam Ranh Bay
First Lieutenant Charles Carter Nelson DFC

On Sunday evening, 19th November 1967, enemy troops were located eight miles from Dak To, Kontum Province, South Vietnam. A flight of F-4 Phantoms from the 559th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 12th Tactical Fighter Wing, 7th Air Force, was scrambled from Cam Rahn Bay Air Base, Kahn Hoa, South Vietnam.

1Lt Nelson was piloting F-4C Phantom 64‑0696 with his WSO 1Lt Steve Marenka.

The aircraft is believed to have been hit by ground fire and was seen to be on fire as it pulled up from the target

Steve Marenka ejected and was rescued by an Army heicopter.

A squad from Delta Company, 2/8, First Cavalry Division located the body of 1Lt Nelson lying close to the aircraft east of Dak To. They believed that he had ejected too late.

Sincere thanks to Brad Nelson, LTC, United Army Reserve, Retired, for providing a photo of his brother and permission to use it on this web site.