United States Navy  

McDonnell F-3H-2N Demon

Bu.No. ??

Thursday Evening 20th June 1957

Oceana Naval Air Station
Lieutenant Eugene A. "Sam" Pelton

29 year old Lt. Gene Pelton, of Clinton Iowa was flying a routine night time training flight from NAS Oceana. He ejected from his stricken aircraft over the waters of the Atlantic off Virginia Beach at 8,500 ft 150 knots. He freed himself from chute underwater. He was picked up by a Spanish merchant ship "La Roja" five and a half hours later hours later in the early morning of Friday 21st June 1957. He had lost both his 'chute and raft.



 Photographs provided by Lt. Pelton's family.

I was informed by the family that Gene Pelton passed away on Monday September 26, 2011