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Douglas A-1 Skyraider and the Stanley YANKEE System
[early Skyraider losses being compiled]

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Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial


crashed crew photo seat
17-Feb-61 STANLEY N7704C - Texan n/k     Harry W. Schmoll
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10-Sep-65   A-1E 132669     Capt. Graybill   possible
21-Oct-65   A-1E 133897     Melvin C. Elliott
bailed out over the side
06-Nov-65   A-1E 132469     Capt. Richard E. Bolstad   possible
Greetings, just wandered in through the back door while viewing Skyraider photos on Flickr. I run the website and flew Skyraiders in VN. Great site, keep it going. I may be able to help you figure out when the first successful Yankee Extraction System occurred. Several of those you list under Skyraiders were not it. I know for a fact that Mel Elliot went over the side, for example. Hook

Byron Hukee

15-Feb-66   A-1E 133885     Maj. Oscar (nmi) Mauterer   possible
10th March 1966 MAJ Dafford W. "Jump" Myers, C.O. of the Qui Nhon detachment of the 602nd Fighter Squadron (Commando) was in aircraft 133867, when he was hit by enemy gunfire and forced to crash on the camp's unused runway, which was short and littered with rubble and debris.
01-May-66   A-1E 133871     Capt. J.M. Ingalls   possible
16-May-66   A-1E 132417     Capt. H.L. Smith   extracted
26-May-66   A-1E 132447     Capt. R. I. Bush   YANKEE extraction
09-Jun-66   A-1E 133899     Capt. Robert I. Bush   KIA possible - streamered chutes seen
09-Jun-66   A-1E 132400     Maj. J. L. Caskey   YANKEE extraction
09-Jun-66   A-1E 133869     Maj. Theodore J. Shorack Jr.   KIA possible -  streamered chutes seen
29-Jun-66   A-1E 133918     Capt. N. J. Baker   YANKEE extraction
31-Jul-66   A-1E 132421     Capt. D. W. Lester Jr.   YANKEE extraction
01-Sep-66   A-1G 132624     Capt. A. L. Minnick   YANKEE extraction
10-Sep-66   A-1E 132675     Maj. Lawrence B. Tatum   MIA - YANKEE extraction
11-Nov-66   A-1E 132392     Capt. R. P. Rosecrans   YANKEE extraction
19-Mar-67   A-1E 133873     Capt. M.J. Dugan   possible
11-Jun-67   A-1E 132408     Maj. J .F. Rausch,   YANKEE extraction
11-Jun-67   A-1E 132408     Maj. Robert "Bob" Russell
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YANKEE extraction
13-Jul-67   A-1E 133913     Maj. F. A. Armstrong III   YANKEE extraction
05-Sep-67   A-1G 132579     Maj. J. O. Gassman   YANKEE extraction
11-Nov-67   A-1G 132569     Maj. W. C. Griffith   YANKEE extraction
25-Apr-68   A-1J 142048     Lt. Col.  Harold D. Shulz   YANKEE extraction
26-Apr-68   A-1G 132582     Lt. Col.  John A. Saffell   YANKEE extraction
07-May-68   A-1J 142059     Capt. John G. Hayes   YANKEE extraction
12-May-68   A-1H 135272     Lt. Col.  James N. Swain   YANKEE extraction
23-May-68   A-1E 135202     Maj. Robert E. Raynor   YANKEE extraction
31-May-68   A-1E 135282     Capt. Edward W. Leonard Jr.
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YANKEE extraction
01-Jun-68   A-1E 139584     Maj. William G. Palank   YANKEE extraction
02-Jul-68   A-1H 137601     Maj. Henry A. Tipping   KIA - YANKEE extraction
09-Jul-68   A-1E 139575     Lt. Col.  William R. Buice   YANKEE extraction
10-Jul-68   A-1H 135251     Maj. Howard jennings   YANKEE extraction
21-Jul-68   A-1E 132668     Maj. Billy M. Mobley   YANKEE extraction
10-Jan-69   A-1H 137559     Maj. Arthur R. Sprott Jr.   KIA - possible - partially deployed chute
10-Jan-69   A-1H 137496     Maj. James B. Wheeler   YANKEE extraction
17-Jan-69   A-1H 134632     Lt. Col.  Lurie morris   YANKEE extraction
18-Mar-69   A-1E 139579     1st Lt. Riopelle   YANKEE extraction
25-Mar-69   A-1E 135201     Capt. K. Gilmore   YANKEE extraction
10-Apr-69   A-1G 134990     Maj. R.A. Shumok    
28-Jun-69   A-1E 133927     Maj. Bagwell   Manual bailout
28-Jun-69   A-1E 133927     Lt. Col.  W. D. Neal   Manual bailout
04-Jul-69   A-1H 137512     Col patrick M. Fallon   MIA - YANKEE extraction
01-Nov-69   A-1E 132455     Maj. Richard W. Lytle    KIA - YANKEE failed
01-Nov-69   A-1E 132455     Maj. Williams   YANKEE extraction
11-Nov-69   A-1E 135211     Capt. G.H. Porter   YANKEE extraction
21-Dec-69   A-1H 139811     Maj. R.L. Bohan   YANKEE extraction
09-Jan-70   A-1G 132612     Capt. J.L. Hudson   YANKEE extraction
22-Jan-70   A-1H 139799     Capt. Anderson   YANKEE extraction
27-Jan-70   A-1E 132674     Capt. G.H. Porter   YANKEE extraction on landing
04-Mar-70   A-1E 133914     Capt. Friestad   YANKEE extraction
19-Mar-70   A-1H 135275     Maj. L. Evenson   YANKEE extraction
20-Mar-70   A-1E 135154     1st Lt. Townsend   YANKEE extraction
06-Apr-70   A-1H 139621     1st Lt. Matthews   Manual bailout
21-Apr-70   A-1H 135336     Capt. J.M. Dyer   YANKEE extraction
21-Apr-70   A-1J 142070     Maj. C. Whinery    
22-Apr-70   A-1J 142015     Capt. Friestad   YANKEE extraction
25-Apr-70   A-1H 129668     Maj. D. E. Detar   YANKEE extraction
28-Jul-70   A-1H 139776     Maj. Otis C. Morgan   KIA - YANKEE failed
24-Dec-70   A-1E 139598     Maj. Albro L. Lundy Jr.   KIA - YANKEE fired - fully deployed chute seen - harness empty
06-Mar-71   A-1H 139734     1st Lt. Charles L. Tipton   YANKEE extraction
06-Apr-71   A-1J 142077     Capt. J. Steward   YANKEE extraction
18-Mar-72   A-1J 142063     Capt. Michael J. Faas   YANKEE extraction
20-Jun-72   A-1J 142043     Capt. Larry G. Highfill   YANKEE extraction
28-Sep-72   A-1H 139738     1st Lt. Lance L. Smith   YANKEE extraction